19 terms

Excel lesson 8 vocab

a horizontal or vertical line that establishes the relationship between data in a chart
a visual representation of numerical data, which can be in the form of lines, bars, wedges in pies, or other graphics
Chart area
the entire chart and all other chart elements
Chart layout
an arrangement that specifies which elements are included in a chart and were they are placed
Chart sheet
a separate sheet in the workbook that stores a chart
Chart style
formatting applied to a chart based on the colors, fonts, and effects associated with the workbook's theme
Column chart
a chart that uses bars of varying heights to illustrate values in a worksheet
Data label
text or numbers that provides additional information about a data maker
Data marker
a symbol that represents a single data point
Data series
a group of related information in a column r row of a worksheet that is plotted on the chart
Data source
the chart data stored in a range of cells in the worksheet
Data table
a grid that displays the data plotted in the chart
Embedded chart
a chart inserted in the center of the worksheet
Exploded pie chart
a pie chart with one or more slices pulled away from the pie
a list that identifies patterns
Line chart
a chart that uses points connected by a line to illustrates values in a worksheet
Plot area
the graphical representation of all the data series
Scatter chart
a chart that shows the relationship between two categories
a mini chart you can insert into a cell