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  1. text or numbers that provides additional information about a data maker
  2. the chart data stored in a range of cells in the worksheet
  3. a group of related information in a column r row of a worksheet that is plotted on the chart
  4. a visual representation of numerical data, which can be in the form of lines, bars, wedges in pies, or other graphics
  5. a pie chart with one or more slices pulled away from the pie
  6. a separate sheet in the workbook that stores a chart

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  1. Chart styleformatting applied to a chart based on the colors, fonts, and effects associated with the workbook's theme


  2. Chart areaa separate sheet in the workbook that stores a chart


  3. Sparklinea mini chart you can insert into a cell


  4. Chart layoutan arrangement that specifies which elements are included in a chart and were they are placed


  5. Line charta chart that uses bars of varying heights to illustrate values in a worksheet


  6. Column charta chart that uses points connected by a line to illustrates values in a worksheet