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  1. an arrangement that specifies which elements are included in a chart and were they are placed
  2. formatting applied to a chart based on the colors, fonts, and effects associated with the workbook's theme
  3. the chart data stored in a range of cells in the worksheet
  4. a chart that shows the relationship between two categories
  5. a horizontal or vertical line that establishes the relationship between data in a chart
  6. the graphical representation of all the data series

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  1. Embedded charta chart inserted in the center of the worksheet


  2. Chart areathe entire chart and all other chart elements


  3. Line charta chart that uses points connected by a line to illustrates values in a worksheet


  4. Column charta chart that uses bars of varying heights to illustrate values in a worksheet


  5. Data seriesthe chart data stored in a range of cells in the worksheet


  6. Data tablea grid that displays the data plotted in the chart