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nutrition chapter 2

The four characteristics of a healthful diet are adequacy, balance, moderation, and ____
The percent daily values (%DV) on food labels are based on the:
zinc and iron
If Alexandra were to consumer all of her protein from milk and cheese she might develop deficiences of ____over time.
1 medium fresh orange
Assuming that each has the same number of calories, which has the greatest nutrient density?
Jack is a college athlete who requires 2,800 kilocalories a day to support his total energy needs. Even though Jack likes many different foods and makes it a point to try new things, he only consumes approximately 1,600 kilocalories a day. Which one of the characteristics of a healthy diet is Jack missing?
tooth decay
Diets high in sugar are directly associated with:
Consume foods that have the most nutrients for their calories.
Which statement best describes 'nutrient density'?
Healthier fat sources include ____and vegetable oils.
Which of the following is NOT one of the eight food allergens required to be clearly identified in the ingredient list of a food label?
Excess sodium in the diet is linked to ____in some individuals.
The DASH diet plan recommends that people eat 4 to 5 fruits and 4 to 5 vegetables each day for a total of 8 to 10 fruits and vegetables each day. T/F
the % daily values of select nutrients in a serving of the packaged food
The nutrition facts panel identifies which of the following?
provides enough of the energy, nutrients, and fiber to maintain a person's health
an adequate diet:
at least half of your grains as whole grains each day
MyPyramid recommends eating:
Being physically active each day
The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends which of the following?
foods with a lot of nutrients per calorie such as fish are more nutritious choices than foods with fewer nutrients per calorie like candy
what does it mean to choose foods for their nutrient density
The USDA has written a standardized definition for a serving size for most foods. T/F
A drawback for MyPyramid is that low-fat and low-calorie food choices are not clearly defined in each food category. T/F
A healthful diet diet should always include vitamin supplements. T/f
The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that all Americans should consume alcohol sensibly. T/f
MyPyramid is limited in scope and cannot be used by most Americans to design a healthful diet. T/f
It is impossible to eat a healthful diet when eating out. T/f
The six exchange lists are grains, meat and meat substitutes, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, sweets, and fats. T/f
The Healthy eating Pyramid suggests that pasta be eaten sparingly. T/f
The DASH diet plan was instituted by the American Diabetes Association. T/f