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Speech Communication Ch8-15

Remember, the average American generates over 200 lbs of trash a year." This statement is an example of
When you find out as much about your audience's needs, interests, and expectations prior to selecting a toic, you are fulfiling which guideline for selecting a topic?
consider the audience
Discussing your speech topic with someone who is knowledgable on the subject is a method of gathering support material known as
When speaking to avery diverse audience, it is best to use
standard U.S. English
___________ refers to words that reflect a speaker & audience's geographical background.
When searching for a speech topic, Web directories, such as Yahoo, are helpful because
they make it easy to find a lot of material in a short time
Considering the needs, interests, and expectations of listeners during the entire speech preparation process is called
being audience-centered
What technique in selecting a speech topic will best motivate both your research and delivery?
choose a topic of interest to you
Just as a traveler needs a map for journey, a speaker needs a map for a speech. This detailed map of a speech is
a delivery outline
When combined w/ a central idea, a preview statement can form "a blueprint" of a speech. True or False
What is the technique called when a speaker makes reference to the introduction in the conclusion?
providing a sense of closure
The final step in an introduction is to provide your audience with an overview of your speech. This step is known as
a preview
The delivery outline
should be brief and have speaking notes
What is the major benefit of using correct outline form?
helps you remember the main idesa of your speech
In the introduction to your speech, a good way to establish your credibility is to
be well prepared and confident
A complete declarative sentence that summarizes your speech is known as the
central idea
what should a speech conclusion do?
summarize the main ideas
when someone, who is a recognized authority in a specialized area, states his/her opinion, this is considered
expert testimony
________ refers to words unique to a speaker's particular hobby or profession
when is it appropriate to use humor in an introduction?
when the humor directly relates to the topic
The Catalog of U.S. Government Publications and the American Statistics Index are described in your textbook as examples of
government documents
A properly worded central idea or thesis statement
is a single sentence summarizing your speech
what is a hyperlink?
web pages or sites which are automatically linked
In an introduction, an effective way to give your audience a reason to listen is to
relate the topic to their lives
This piece of information appears first in a typical bibliographical entry using the MLA format.
author's name
Speeches that you present will be either to inform, to persuade, or to entertain. The goal for your speech is known as its
general purpose
The first step in an introduction is to
get the audience's attention
This usually comes at the end of the introduction
preview main points
Reemphasizing the central idea in a memorable way, moving an audience to action, and providing closure are all functions of
speech conclusion
During your speech, you ask the audience to sign a petition increasing the amount of student parking areas. The general goal of the speech is to
to persuade