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AP EURO CH25 ~ The Western Imperialism

Mrs. Johnson's AP EURO Chapter 25 Test on The Western Imperialism. March 15, 2012
What is the difference between the New Imperialism (Western Imperialism) and previous forms of imperialism?
*Slavery was absent.
*Protestantism replaced Roman Catholicism as the main missionary influence.
What country was known as "the workshop of the world"?
*Great Britain
The English sought to obtain __________ from China.
What did Britain obtain as a result of the Opium Wars?
*Exclusive rights to trade
In general, what aspect of Britain caused the Sepoy Rebellion?
*British disrespect for Indian beliefs and customs.
What was Britain's chief imperial strategy during the nineteenth century?
*Protecting military and commercial routes to India.
In what year did the British Crown take over political authority in India?
What organization was founded by the Hindus in 1885?
*The Italian National Congress
What author believed that imperialism resulted from an excess of goods and capital in a home market?
*J.A. Hobson
What was a crucial component of the success of the New Imperialism?
*The need to assert national prestige among competing powers. (The ability to be competitive.)
What organization was Algeria administered by?
*Civilian French officials.
What aspect was crucial for Russian expansion?
*Co-opting local elites
*Leaving local practices intact.
Many Journalists included the "Great Game" in their pieces. What were they referring to?
*The Russian-British rivalry over central Asia, especially Afghanistan.
What nation proposed the Chinese Open Door policy?
*The United States
What did French control over Morocco and Italian control over Libya represent?
*The Weakness of the Ottoman Empire.
What was described as the "nervous system" of the civilized world?
*Submarine Cables
Why did Egypt come under British control?
*Khedive bankruptcy
What nation does Quinine, derived from cinchona bark, come from?
*A Peruvian product
Why were the Italians defeated at the Battle of Aduwa?
*The Ethiopians had access to weapons from the French
What condition had the greatest negative impact on the Amazon rubber tree business?
*The exportation of rubber tree seeds to new places.
This British man became a diamond millionaire
*Cecil Rhodes
Name the causes of Imperialism.
1. Need for natural resources
2. Need for markets to sell goods produced by Industrial Revolution
3. Colonies provided an outlet for overcrowding and the population explosion in many European cities.
4. European powers sought to obtain and control new naval bases.
5. Some believed that it was the 'white man's burden' to teach non-western people the proper way to live.
6. Belief in Social Darwinism which justified imperialism, and destruction of non-European races - since it suggested that it was nature's way to promote the existence of superior races.
Where had European rule virtually ceased by the early nineteenth century?
*The Americas. They were basically their own empire by the 1800s
What world power was Vietnam a colony of?
What is the protectorate?
*A government overseen by officials from a Western power, but not in a formal colonial relationship.
What European power most believed in the "Civilizing Mission", the idea that it was their DUTY to spread their culture to the rest of the world?
What was the name for the period in Europe in 1870s through 1912 where European powers established control over African territories?
*It was commonly called the "Scramble for Africa"
What was the Boxer Rebellion?
*It was an uprising against missionaries and foreigners in China between 1899 and 1901.
Where did the modern Western missionary movement originate?
*Great Britain
What was one common thing that 19th century anthropologists believed?
*They believed in a hierarchy of races.
Explain the imperialism history of South Africa.
*In the 1600s, the DUTCH settled South Africa. The BRITISH took over Cape Town during the Napoleonic Wars and won the Boer War in 1902. They instituted RADICAL APARTHEID.
Describe the Sepoy Rebellion of 1857.
What nations did the British Empire rule over?
*Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Half of Africa.
What was the Crimean War? Who won and who lost? What years?
*Russia lost the Crimean War in 1856.
What new developments made the new imperialism easier and more effective?
*Iron Steamboats made travel and safety easier.
*Quinine pills that prevented malaria allowed further travel into Africa and Asia.
*Firearms, specifically machine guns, made warfare more effective. (MOST IMPORTANT)
What imperialism did France have in Indochina (Where the middle east meets asia)?
*France controlled Vietnam, had protectorates in Laos & Cambodia, and had a Naval Base in North Vietnam.