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bunsen burner

heat source


square peice of glass or plastic placed over specimen on slide to protect microscope

dissecting pins

holds the specimen in place on dissecting tray


cup shaped with wide mouth holds and measures liquid

dissecting scissors

two blades fastened together so they slide up against each other to cut specimen

dissecting tray

supports the specimen to be dissected usually covered with wax or rubber

medicine dropper

measures and transfers small amounts of liquid by drops


tweezer like instrument used to lift and move parts of organs


helps transfer substances into small mouth containers

graduated cylinder

a tube or pipe shaped with a small mouth that holds and measures liquid volume

hand lens

inlarges macro objects


inlarges microscopic objects

glass slide

holds the specimen to be veiwed through the microscope/ it is a rectangular peice of glass

petri dish

used to grow bacteria and other microscopic organisms


measures and transfers small amounts of liquid volume using measurment marks or calibrations


a dissecting instrument used to point at or move parts or organs

metric ruler

measures length in meters or in sub-units of meters

safety goggles

protects the eyes


a single edged blade with a handle used to cut specimen

test tube

glass cyliner used to hold substances for experiments

test tube rack

holds and supports test ubes


measures temperature

triple-beam balance

measures mass of an object in grams

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