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  1. brain stem
  2. Unilateral neglect
  3. aphasias
  4. frontal lobes
  5. Longitudinal fissure
  1. a divided into midbrain, pons and medulia
  2. b caused by damage to the parietal lobes. Damage to the right parietal lobe = neglect to left handside of world ie: forget to brush left side of hair
  3. c runs from front of brain to the back dividing the brain into RHem & LHem
  4. d 50% of cortex
  5. e disruption in production or comprehension of speech.

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  1. the relay centre, transmitting information from cortex
  2. profound amnesia, inability to retain memories of new experiences
  3. no two identical, localisation of function caries from person to person
  4. connects LHem & RHem (transmission fibres)
  5. positioned above medulla and controls timing of sleep and dreams + attentiveness

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  1. apraxiasin frontal lobe - disturbs voluntary actions ie: waving


  2. CNScentral nervous system


  3. 2 Neuroimaging techniquesuse measures of brain activity as "markers" of different cognitive processes


  4. cerebrum and cerebral cortexOuter grey layer of cerebral hemispheres


  5. Occipital lobeprimary visual cortex - experience of consciously seeing