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  1. Phineas Gage
  2. amygdala
  3. Neuroimaging techniques
  4. brain
  5. Neurospsychology
  1. a use measures of brain activity as "markers" of different cognitive processes
  2. b 3 ft rod into cheek went through front of brain (frontal lobe). Suffered intellectual and emotional impairments.
  3. c plays a pivtol role in triggering and shaping our emotions
  4. d biological psychology / behavioural neuroscience
  5. e weighs 3-4 pounds and is thought to be the most complex known object in the universe

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  1. the departure point for signals that enter lower parts of the brain and spinal cord resulting in muscle movement. Found at the rearmost edge of the frontal lobe.
  2. divided into midbrain, pons and medulia
  3. electrodes on scalp that measure electrical activity during different tasks
  4. general arousal, breathing, heart rate
  5. central nervous system

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  1. frontal lobesfound behind forehead


  2. primary somatosensory areareceiving stations for information arriving from ears, eyes and other sense organs.


  3. cranial nervesinitiating modulating and planning behaviour, strategic thinking and problem solving


  4. Four major lobesfrontal, parietal, Occipital, temporal


  5. Medullafound at bottome of hindbrain and controls breathing and blood circulation, helps to maintain balance by controlling head and limb position