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  1. Cerebral Cortex
  2. frontal lobes
  3. PET
  4. Broca's area
  5. Occipital lobe: damage
  1. a non fluent aphasias - typically involves lesions in a region of the left frontal lobe. Indiviual able to comprehend speech but unable to produce recognisable speech.
  2. b Phineas Gage case - iron rod through skull = lesion to pre-frontal cortex - resulted in personality changes, profrane behaviour and inability to plan
  3. c cortical colour blindness, disorders of movement perception ie: see world in snapshots
  4. d position emission tomography. Injected with radioactive sugar. Active brain cells soak up the sugar = image similar to CAT and MRI.
  5. e Outer grey layer of cerebral hemispheres

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  1. brain - hindbrain, midbrain, forebrain and spinal cord
  2. receiving stations for information arriving from ears, eyes and other sense organs.
  3. Embedded within temporal lobe and plays a key role in long term memory and emotion
  4. disruption in production or comprehension of speech.
  5. biological psychology / behavioural neuroscience

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  1. Occipital lobeprimary visual cortex - experience of consciously seeing


  2. brainsits on top of hindbrain - coordinates movement and relays information from senses.


  3. Unilateral neglectcaused by damage to the parietal lobes. Damage to the right parietal lobe = neglect to left handside of world ie: forget to brush left side of hair


  4. cerebellumfine motor control (largest part of hindbrain)


  5. Brain floats in fluidacts as a shock absorber


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