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  1. Cerebral Cortex
  2. frontal lobes = working memory
  3. Parietal lobe: damage
  4. Brain floats in fluid
  5. temporal lobes
  1. a acts as a shock absorber
  2. b ability to maintain and manipulate information on line (in the present)
  3. c memory (more than a few seconds), knowledge, face storage, medial surface (long term events/places)
  4. d Outer grey layer of cerebral hemispheres
  5. e unilateral neglect

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  1. connects LHem & RHem (transmission fibres)
  2. electrodes on scalp that measure electrical activity during different tasks
  3. use measures of brain activity as "markers" of different cognitive processes
  4. sits directly on top of the spinal cord - controls key life functions
  5. scientific discipline and clinical profession

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  1. primary somatosensory areareceiving stations for information arriving from ears, eyes and other sense organs.


  2. cerebrum and cerebral cortex2 hemispheres; LHem & RHem, connected by corpus callosum


  3. CNScentral nervous system


  4. Neurospsychologybiological psychology / behavioural neuroscience


  5. Four major lobes50% of cortex


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