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  1. brain strem three functions
  2. Brain floats in fluid
  3. temporal lobes - damage
  4. amygdala
  5. Hippocampus
  1. a Embedded within temporal lobe and plays a key role in long term memory and emotion
  2. b profound amnesia, inability to retain memories of new experiences
  3. c plays a pivtol role in triggering and shaping our emotions
  4. d general arousal, breathing, heart rate
  5. e acts as a shock absorber

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  1. unilateral neglect
  2. brain - hindbrain, midbrain, forebrain and spinal cord
  3. scientific discipline and clinical profession
  4. runs from front of brain to the back dividing the brain into RHem & LHem
  5. identification of the role of each brain area

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  1. brainweighs 3-4 pounds and is thought to be the most complex known object in the universe


  2. neuronsmain information processor of the nervous system. Indiviudals have as many as 100 billion - same number of stars that are in the milky way. Each neuron connects to as many as 50,000 others.


  3. cerebellumthe largest part of the brain and makes humans who we are ie: complex thought and ability to use language. Beliefs, memories and coping style and emotional reactions are established and controlled from the forebrain


  4. temporal lobes - degenerative illnesssemantic dementia: increasing difficulty in remembering names of familiar people and objects


  5. Occipital lobespatial & numerical processing, short term memory, spatial attention, analysing space at the highest level, retaining numbers sort term