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  1. thalamus
  2. Four major lobes
  3. Glia
  4. primary sensory projection areas
  5. temporal lobes - degenerative illness
  1. a outnumbers neurons 10:1 in some parts of the brain.
  2. b receiving stations for information arriving from ears, eyes and other sense organs.
  3. c semantic dementia: increasing difficulty in remembering names of familiar people and objects
  4. d frontal, parietal, Occipital, temporal
  5. e the relay centre, transmitting information from cortex

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  1. crucial for the establishment of new memories
  2. position emission tomography. Injected with radioactive sugar. Active brain cells soak up the sugar = image similar to CAT and MRI.
  3. in frontal lobe - disturbs voluntary actions ie: waving
  4. disruption in production or comprehension of speech.
  5. weighs 3-4 pounds and is thought to be the most complex known object in the universe

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  1. HippocampusEmbedded within temporal lobe and plays a key role in long term memory and emotion


  2. peripheral nervous systemInlcudes all nerves in the body that most connect with CNS via the spinal cord


  3. Unilateral neglectinitiating modulating and planning behaviour, strategic thinking and problem solving


  4. neuronspositioned above medulla and controls timing of sleep and dreams + attentiveness


  5. amygdalafound at bottome of hindbrain and controls breathing and blood circulation, helps to maintain balance by controlling head and limb position