19 terms

Vocabulary List 10

a) calm, tranquil, extremely pleasant/fortunate; mythical bird associated with a kingfisher
b) adjective; noun
c) Outside played young kids lost in the halcyon days of childhood, only to crash into the reality considered as adulthood.
a) constant, habitual, continuing for a long time
b) adjective
c) Mason's chronic tardiness cost him two detentions with the sternest teacher in school.
a) to complain naggingly; to seize and hold firmly
b) verb
c) Instead of complying to have fun with his family on the cruise, the bitter, old man stayed in his cabin, griping about being there.
a) the original on which something is based on or formed
b) noun
c) The inventor displayed his prototype to potential buyers.
a) deriving pleasure or sexual gratification from extreme cruelty
b) adjective
c) Because of his terrible childhood, the man had a sadistic pleasure in torturing and killing people.
a) a form of social organization in which the mother is the supreme authority
b) noun
c) I come from a matriarchal family - the women of each household were most definitely in charge, with the men and children scurrying 'neath their feet to please them.
a) widely and unfavorably known
b) adjective
c) The actress was involved in so many scandals, she became a notorious companion to the director.
a) person who brags a lot
b) noun
c) I wouldn't believe a word he says, he is such a braggart, he exagerates everything.
a) foolishly sentimental
b) adjective
c) The play was so maudlin that the ushers were handing out facial tissues to wipe away our tears.
a) frivolous and lighthearted; causing dizziness
b) adjective
c) Everyone, even the mature adults, were giddy with excitement about going to Disney World.
a) bitter, alkaline liquid; peevishness (figurative venom)
b) noun
c) Even though the man hadn't eaten all day, he vomited stomach bile all over the desk.
a) humble dwelling
b) noun
c) Paul used to live in a big and beautiful house in the suburbs, but he's gone so far downhill he now lives in a hovel in the country.
a) iron hook used for fishing or climbing (not a fishing rod)
b) noun
c) The gaff got caught in the mouth of the large trout, taking 3 men to set it free.
a) a pier or structure projecting into the ocean
b) noun
c) There is a wooden landing jetty from which you can watch the brightly colored marine fish in the clear water below.
a) loosely held together
b) adjective
c) Surprisingly, the millionaire lived in a ramshackle cabin at the end of the lane.
a) the operation of cutting into a lobe, as of the brain or the lung --> given to physically aggressive asylum patients (not beneficial)
b) noun
c) My grandmother was given a lobotomy and was never the same again.
a) having an unpleasant temper
b) adjective
c) No one can get along with my ornery cousin.
a) state of confusion; asylum (obsolete)
b) noun; adjective
c) The meeting was reduced to bedlam when someone let off a smoke bomb in the hall.
d) origin: chaotic hospital in England
a) remark uttered as if it were fresh or profound; quality or state of being flat/dull; cliche statement
b) noun
c) Sometimes a simple, well-meaning platitude, like "Life is what you make of it." will backfire when you are talking to someone who wants real answers.