State and Local Government

27 terms by legosmith

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Who makes laws for Virginia


Who executes laws of the nation


City or County managers Hired by local Legislatures


Circuit Courts try civil and criminal cases.


Appoints Cabinet advisors, ambassadors, and federal Judges


Power limited to that delegated by the state.


Can pardon state prisoners


Administers federal bureaucracy


Supreme Court has power of judicial review


Makes rules for the Community


Approves Annual Budget

National/State/Local (all of them have budgets)

Exercises power under the 10th Amendment


Prepares budget for the General Assembly


State Supreme Court has pwer of judicial review of state laws


Elected or Appointed by board of Supervisors or City Council


The President is the the United States as the ________________ is to the State. What is he/she?

Governor (Head of the executive branch)

Congress is to the United States as the _______________ is to Virginia. What do they do?

General Assembly (makes laws)

Congress is to the United States as the __________________ is to Fairfax.

Board of Supervisors

The House of Representatives is to Congress as the Virginia ____________ is to the _________________.

Virginia House of Delegates is to the Virginia General Assembly.


to receive a state charter, officially recognizing the government of a locality


a community's system of roads, bridges, water and sewers

Line-item Veto

to veto only a specific part of a bill

Magistrate Court

police courts generally located in larger towns. May handle traffic violations, civil cases involving small amounts of money.

City Charter

A document granting power to a local government.

Reserved Powers

powers that the Constitution does not give to the national government that are kept by the states

County Seat

a town where the county courthouse is located

Home Rule

allows cities to write their own charters, choose their own type of government, and manage their own affairs

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