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47 terms

giving directions

go straight on
turn right
turn left
take the second road on the right
take the second road on the left
take the third road on the right
take the third road on the left
turn right into Via Dante
go along Via Dante
keep on walking
go past the church
go past the gym
go past the school
cross the road
the school is on the left
the gym is on the right
the church is
to the right of
the museum
Joe's house is
to the left of
the museum
take the stairs on your right
take the stairs on your left
go upstairs
go downstairs
go up the hill
go down the hill
go up the mountain
go down the mountain
go up the ladder
go down the ladder
go into the room
go out of the room
enter the room
walk towards the park
go into the park
walk through the park
go out of the park
go as far as the church
walk until you reach (...)
walk until you find (...)
at the roundabout go straight on
at the roundabout turn right
at the roundabout turn left
walk around the statue
turn right at the traffic lights
turn left at the traffic lights
walk along the river
walk through the tunnel
walk over the bridge