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Social Studies notecards

the idea that by giving in to another country demands a war could be avoided
Demilitarized zone
an area where no military troops are allowed
Rome-Berlin axis
the alliance between Germany and Italy- they planned to be the "axis around which Europe revolved"
"lightning war"- an all out attack using tanks, soldiers, and airplanes tp defeat an enemy
the naval invasion of Normandy, France by Allied Powers
Franklin Roosevelt
president during most of World War two
Harry Truman
vice president under Roosevelt. Assumed command upon Roosevelt's death
Dwight Eisenhower
US general in of American troops in Europe. Later is elected president
Island Hopping
US war strategy in the Pacific of fighting on an island to island basis
first Japanese city to be hit with an atomic bomn on August 6, 1945
second Japanese city to be hit with an atomic bomb on August 9, 1945
Nuremberg Laws
laws that robbed German Jews of their citizenship
Trials at Nuremberg
the trials after World War two when former Nazi leaders were put on trials for war crimes
Hitler's police that were hired to torture and exterminate Jews
Final Solution
Hitler's plan to rid Jews
a hatred of Jews
Concentration/Labor camps
prisons where Jews were sent to be exterminated
mass murder of six millon Jews and 6 millon other "undesirables" in World War two
Death camps
places where Jews were sent to be exterminated
brave citizens who worked to help Jews hide or escape
Allied Forces
thecountries of France,Great Britain,Russia,and the Us that joined forces to fight the Nazis
sealed areas inside of cities where Jews were forced to live in horrible conditions
Aryan Race
Hitler's idea of a perfect human-white, non-Jewish Germans