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  1. ___ gap is the difference between the customer's expectations and the firm's perception of those expectations, firms should know what customers want to avoid this
  2. providing the equipment or systems needed to perform a task in a job setting
  3. 4 different service gaps
  4. ___ is the ability to perform the service dependably and accurately (building block)
  5. 3 methods to reduce delivery gaps
  1. a knowledge, standards, delivery, communication
  2. b reliability
  3. c empower employees, use technology, provide support/incentives
  4. d instrumental support
  5. e knowledge

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  1. communication
  2. zone of tolerance
  3. intangible
  4. inseparable, variable, perishable, intangible
  5. CREST, calm customer, repeat problem, empathy statements, solve problem, timely response

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  1. ___ is the appearance of physical facilities, equipment, personnel, and communication materials (building block)tangibles


  2. adding machines to a service can decrease _____empower employees, use technology, provide support/incentives


  3. ___ gap pertains to the difference between the firm's perceptions of customers expectations and the service standards it setscommunication


  4. ___ is the willingness to help customers and provide prompt service (building block)empathy


  5. specifically refers to human or mechanical activities firms undertake to help satisfy their customers needs and wantscustomer service