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  1. an ongoing marketing research system that collects customer inputs and integrates them into managerial decisions
  2. 4 reasons for growth of service-oriented economies
  3. customers perceptions of how well a service meets or exceeds their expectations, part of the ___ gap
  4. concern for others well being and support of their decisions in a job setting
  5. __ gap refers to the difference between the actual serviced provided to customers and the service that the firm's promotion program promises
  1. a voice of customer program
  2. b goods are produced overseas, specialization of tasks, leisure time, aging population
  3. c service quality, knowledge
  4. d emotional support
  5. e communication

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  1. empower employees, use technology, provide support/incentives
  2. empowerment
  3. understanding customer expectations, evaluating service with metrics
  4. only promising what you can deliver
  5. CREST, calm customer, repeat problem, empathy statements, solve problem, timely response

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  1. ___ gap is the difference between the customer's expectations and the firm's perception of those expectations, firms should know what customers want to avoid thisknowledge


  2. you can minimize the standards gap through (2)understanding customer expectations, evaluating service with metrics


  3. results when a service fails to meet the expectations that customers have and how it should be deliveredservice gap


  4. ___ is the ability to perform the service dependably and accurately (building block)responsiveness


  5. effective services recovery entails ___ and ___empower employees, use technology, provide support/incentives