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  1. the knowledge gap involves (2)
  2. 5 building blocks of service quality
  3. a characteristic of service: quality may change because it is performed by humans
  4. effective service recovery efforts can significantly increase ___, ___, and ____
  5. ___ gap pertains to the difference between the firm's perceptions of customers expectations and the service standards it sets
  1. a understanding customer expectations, evaluating service with metrics
  2. b standards
  3. c reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, tangibles
  4. d customer satisfaction, purchase intentions, positive word of mouth
  5. e variability

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  1. knowledge
  2. inseparable, variable, perishable, intangible
  3. variability
  4. empathy
  5. empowerment

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  1. ___ is the appearance of physical facilities, equipment, personnel, and communication materials (building block)tangibles


  2. a characteristic of a service; produced and consumed at the same time (service and consumption at same time)intangible


  3. specifically refers to human or mechanical activities firms undertake to help satisfy their customers needs and wantscommunication


  4. 3 methods to reduce delivery gapsempower employees, use technology, provide support/incentives


  5. the area between customers' expectations regarding their desired service and minimum level of acceptance, the difference between what customer really needs or will accept before going elsewherezone of tolerance