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Conductor Training


Expressing oneself in such a way that one is readily and clearly understood

7 Seconds

How long do you think it takes for someone listening to you on the radio to form an impression of you

Federal Communication Commission (FCC)

Employees must permit inspection at any reasonable time by a duly accredited representative of the?

Railroad radio

Only persons authorized by the FCC are permitted to make internal adjustments to a ?

Special Instructions

What designats radio stations, including times such stations are attended and channels assigned

Attempt to determine the identity

If non-railroad communication interferes with railroad radio service

to contribute to safety

Communication devices are to be used:
1. In connection with company business
3. to prevent delay and damage to equipment

Crew member

Whocan the engineer designate to handle radio communications?

Radio test

Before each trip you must do want to your radio?

Remove from service

what should you do if a radio fails during a required test

A working radio in the occupied, controlling locomotive

Before departing its originating terminal, each train must be equipped with communication redundancy and ?

The volume adjusted to receive communication

Employees must keep thier radio in the ON position, the selector switch set to proper channel and ?

Record message from an automatic alarm device

Communication must be repeated to the transmitting party, except when it relates to yard switching operation, general in nature and ?


What word must be used at the close of each transmission to which a response is expected ?


What word must be preceded by positive indentification at the close of each transmission to which a reponse is not expected ?


What word must be transmitted three times when emergency call is made?


The station transmitting an emergency message must advise other stations in the area when normal radio communications may be resumed. What word must be broadcasting?

Does not comply with the Operating Rules

A radio communication must not be acted upon and shall be treated as though not sent when it is not fully understood, has not been completed or ?


Mandatory directives must not be acted upon by other than those?

each have a written copy

Before acting on a mandatory directive the conductor and engineer must __________ and make certain it is read and understand by all members of the crew.

Clearly marked with an "X"

Mandatory directives, which have been annulled, fulfilled or cancelled must be _________ and retained for inspection for a period of 7 days.

Initials to each other

Oral instructions that concern the movement of trains or on-track equipment must be repeated. Before the instructions may be acted upon, both parties must confirm thier mutual understanding. Each party must give their ?

2 miles

The conductor must notify the engineer of restrictions imposed by dispatcher message or instructions not more then 5 miles but not less than ?

5 MPH more than the Maximum speed permited for train

A train must be stopped using an emergency application of the air brakes on descending grades of a 1 percent or more, as designated in Special Instustions, if the automatic braking system fails and if speed reaches ?

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