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  1. matter
  2. malleability
  3. element
  4. noble gas
  5. protron
  1. a the property that lets you bend and shape a metal
  2. b a substance that chemical reactions cannot break down into something simpler
  3. c anything that has mass and volume
  4. d very particular, an element that doesn't like to mix with other metals
  5. e in the nucleus of an atom a particle that has a positive electrical charge

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  1. poor conductor of electricity, try to bend or flatten me and I will crumble
  2. property of metals, people can make copper into thin wires because of me
  3. the amount of matter in an object
  4. the center of an atom
  5. how strongly gravity pulls on an object

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  1. moleculethe amount of space that matter takes up


  2. metalloidan element that has properties such as shine, conductivity, and flexibility


  3. neutronthe metric unit used to measure weight


  4. electronthe particle of an atom that has a negative charge


  5. Newtonin the nucleus of an atom a particle that has no electrical charge