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What is the test using ink blots to measure personality?


What test characterizes personality on four different scales?


What is the college admissions test?


What are standards of comparison for test results?

split-half reliability

What is it called when different parts of a test produce similar scores when the parts are compared?


When a test measure what it is intended to measure, it is called what?

Howard Gardner

Who proposed eight types of intelligence?

cultural bias

What is one criticism of intelligence tests?


What is your mental age divided by chronological age multiplied by 100?

emotional intelligence

What may be linked to success in the workplace?


True or False. One advantage of standardized tests is that they can be given to large groups of people to diagnose psychological disorders


True or False.Standardized test an show how an individual compares to others.


True or False.When the score depends more on the grader than on the test taker the test is considered unreliable.


True or False. Austin ranks in the 75th percentile on a standardized test that means that he did better than 25 percent of the test takers and worse that 75 percent of the test takers.


True or False. One's IQ is affected by the number of years a person spends in school


True or False. Adaptive tests administered by computer can change the order of questions depending on the individual's performance


True or False. The purpose of interest tests is to tell students what interests they share in common with other students in the class.


A system for ranking test scores that indicates the percentage of scores lower and higher than a given score is the _______ system


Howard Gardner proposed a theory of ___ intelligences


The ____ is an example of an aptitude test


One of the chief methods for measuring validity is to determine a test's _____ validity


In general, the ____ for intelligence tests are established so that most people score near 100


The ____ is an example of a projective personality test


The purpose of an ____ inventory is to determine an individual's preference and attitudes.


Both ____ and environment have an impact on intelligence


If a test is administered and scored the same way and an average score has been established, the test is a _____ test.


Test that measure how much a person has already learned in a particular area are called _______ tests


Tests that encourage respondents to respond freely, giving their own interpretations of various test stimuli, are called _______ tests


The ability to acquire new ideas and new behavior and to adapt to new situations is called_______.


The ___ - ____ test focuses on how a person takes in information and makes discussions.

Aptitude Test

A college admissions test designed to find out whether an individual would make a good architecture student based on the skills that person has is an example of a

achievement test

When an algebra teacher gives a test to her class to measure how much algebra her students have learner, she is giving an ?


A test that is administered twice to the same person with very different results cannot be called

To reduce anxiety before a test

engage in stress-reducing activities, channel worrying into studying, and reward yourself for studying

interest inventory

A test that is designed to predict how successful and happy a student might be in a particular career is called an

experts that help them achieve

Studies have shown that high achievers prefer to be associated with

Abraham Maslow

The "hierarchy of needs" was developed by


____ explains the differences in emotional expression that we find in various cultures.

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