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  1. Cognitive map
  2. Positive reinforcement
  3. Operant chamber
  4. Operant conditioning
  5. Shaping
  1. a a procedure in which reinforcers, such as food, are to guide the organism into the desired behavior; B.F Skinner
  2. b operant conditioning research chamber that contains a bar or key that an animal can manipulate to obtain a food or water reinforcer; have helped understand what conditions efficient and lasting learning; B.F Skinner
  3. c a mental representation of the layout of one's environment
  4. d a type of learning in which behavior is strengthened if followed by a reinforcer or diminished by punishment
  5. e strengthens a response by presenting a typically pleasurable stimulus after a response, such as food, money or tickets

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  1. reinforce the first response after a fixed time period that produce rapid response near time of reinforcement; checking more frequently to see if a cake has finished rising
  2. withdraw a desirable stimulus such as time-out from privilages or revoked drivers license
  3. modern behaviorism's most influential figure that elaborated on the law of effect deemed by Edward L Thorndike; pioneer of operant conditioning who believed that everything we do is determined by our past history of rewards and punishments
  4. any event that strengthens the the behavior that follows; B.F Skinner
  5. strengthens a response by reducing or removing something undesirable or unpleasant; is not punishment, but removes an aversive event

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  1. Positive punishmentwithdraw a desirable stimulus such as time-out from privilages or revoked drivers license


  2. Operant trainingbehaviors that operate on the environment to produce rewarding or punishing stimuli


  3. Successive approximationthe method involves the reinforcement of closer and closer approximations to the final performance; B.F Skinner


  4. Generalizationoccurs when an organism's response to similar stimuli is also reinforced


  5. Fixed-ratio schedulesprovide reinforcers after an unpredictable number of responses; gambling; like fixed-ratio schedules, reinforcers increase as the number of responses increases