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  1. What are the Lord Chamberlain's Men, and what is/ why did they recieve their new name?
  2. What happened to the original Globe and how did it happen?
  3. Were audiences as well behaved as they are today? What did they do if they disliked a play?
  4. When was it rebuilt, and what happened to it (the second Globe)?
  5. How did people feel about religion during Elizabethan times? To what religion did they belong?
  1. a Lord Chamberlain's Men was a theatre troupe that performed Shakespeare's plays. Their new name was the King's Men and they were named such because after Queen Elizabeth died, King James became the beneficiary.
  2. b 1644. It was demolished because the Puritans disapproved of it.
  3. c They were extremely devoted. Most were Protestant.
  4. d No. They would throw rotten fruit and vegetables at the actors and/or hoist someone onto the stage to mess with the actors and the play in general.
  5. e It burned down because a cannon blast from the hut set the thatched roof on fire.

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  1. It was terrible due to terrible sanitation, and widespread disease.
  2. London, England
  3. Alderman and Glover
  4. 7 years and Latin
  5. Susanna, Hamnet, and Judith

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  1. Who did Shakespeare marry (name), and what were their ages (Shakespeare's age is first)?He plagerized and took ideas from other poets and playwrights. Romeo and Juliet was originally a poem written by a man named Arthur Brooks.


  2. Which gender acted on stage and who played women?Males. Young, prepubescent boys played women.


  3. What is the Hut and the turret? Why is a flag hung from the turret?Tragedy, Comedy, History


  4. When was Romeo and Juliet written?Actors shouted lines and showed exaggerated gestures.


  5. How many performances a day were there?Usually one, but during summer sometime two.