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  1. When and where was Shakespeare born?
  2. Who did Shakespeare marry (name), and what were their ages (Shakespeare's age is first)?
  3. What was life like during Elizabethan times? (Hint: It wasn't so good)
  4. When and where did Shakespeare die?
  5. In what city was the original Globe Theatre located?
  1. a London, England
  2. b April 23 in the family home
  3. c April 23 in Stratford
  4. d Anne Hathaway and 18 and 26
  5. e It was terrible due to terrible sanitation, and widespread disease.

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  1. Actors shouted lines and showed exaggerated gestures.
  2. Tragedy, Comedy, History
  3. They were extremely devoted. Most were Protestant.
  4. Susanna, Hamnet, and Judith
  5. The Hut is a roofed area above the stage where sound effects came from. The turret was on top of the hut, and the flag that hung from the turret showed the genre of play being performed that day.

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  1. Where did poor people view the play and what were they called? How much did they pay?The stage was a 5 foot tall platform that jutted out into the Pit. It was often called the Apron's stage.


  2. What were his father's occupations?Actors shouted lines and showed exaggerated gestures.


  3. What shape was the globe and how many people could it hold?Round, about 3,000


  4. When was Romeo and Juliet written?Actors shouted lines and showed exaggerated gestures.


  5. Where was the stage positioned and what was it called?A trap door is a hidden entrance onto the stage from the area underneath that can be used to signify the death of a character or a ghost.