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A dun can't produce a cremello
What is an important difference between the buckskin & dun genes?
Genes at four other loci may modify the black
What genetically, may affect a black horse to create different patterns?
The fetus dies before birth when it has 2 dominant white genes
Why are all dominant white horses heterozygous & not homozygous?
Between the nucleus & the cell wall
Where is the location of the cytoplasm?
What letters of the alphabet signify pure black?
2 recessive genes. Chestnut is recessive to both bay & black
What gene or genes must chestnut horses have to avoid being brown or black?
Roaning gene, Rr
What gene is responsible for the roan color & what letters represent it?
All the foals from the homozygous black stallion would be black. From the heterozygous black stallion, by chance, half the foals would carry the recessive gene for brown & be brown or chestnut
What would be the difference in the offspring from a homozygous black stallion & a heterozygous black stallion when mated with a chestnut or brown mare?
Failure of the immune system to form
What is CID?
Horses that are heterozygous for a particular gene have how many different alleles for that gene?
What color results from crossing homozygous black horses with chestnut horses?
The foal to develop certain nerves of the intestinal tract
The lethal white syndrome is caused by the failure of what?
A long, thread-like structure made of complex proteins
The lethal white syndrome is caused by the failure of what?
Head section
The genetic material of the sperm cell is contained in which part of the sperm cell?
They are able to reproduce themselves
What is the unique thing about genes & chromosomes?
By a genetic blood test
How do you diagnose HYPP?
Arabian & part-Arabs
CID is an inherited disease of which breed?
Not all gene pairs are completely dominant or recessive. Name a color pattern that is caused by this situation?
Define heredity
Passing of traits from parents to offspring
In genetics, what does the term "codominance" mean
A gene action resulting in an intermediate state between 2 parents
A pair of genes
What is an allele?
When a gene masks or covers up its recessive allele, it is called what?
The physical location of the gene on the chromosome
What does the term locus mean?
One that is a result of a DNA mutation & can be passed on to offspring
What is a genetic disease?
Line breeding
What do you call the form of inbreeding that is aimed at trying to maintain a close relationship with a particular animal?
A trait influenced by many genes. example- speed
What is a quantitative trait & give an example.
Mating animals that members of the same breed but which show no relationship close up in the pedigree (4-6 generations)
What is outcrossing?
Dominant gray
What does the G locus provide for?
Name the color pattern on a Pinto horse whose genetic color code for dominant white is at the T locus
In reference to color inheritance, there are 6 modifications of the black coat color - all of which have black points except one. What color is this one?
Homozygous recessive one
What general type of gene causes the distinctive curly coat of the American Bashkir Curly?
2 roan to 1 solid
What is the expected ratio of roan to solid colored foals if a roan stallion is bred to a roan mare?
Because the genetic value of each trait is unknown
Why is it not possible to predict the exact traits of an unborn foal?
Cremello (bred to chestnut will produce 100% palomino)
You are planning to breed your chestnut mare & would love her to produce a palomino foal. In order to guarantee a foal of this color, what color stallion should she be bred to?