60 terms

BCIS / CH. 5

A _____ is a self-describing collection of integrated records.
In a database system, a _____ is the smallest piece of data.
A byte is a ______.
character of data
Bytes are grouped into columns, which in turn are grouped into ____.
A collection of similar records is called a ______.
A group of columns that identify a unique table row is a _______.
In a relational database, a collection of related records is a(n) _______.
A(n) _____ is a column or group of columns that identifies a unique row in a table.
A more formal name for a table is a(n) _____.
Columns that belong to a different table than the one in which they reside are called ______.
foreign keys
Metadata are _____.
data that describes data
Users access databases through a(n) ______.
database application program
______ softwares assist in creating, maintaining, and manipulating databases.
Which of the following is not an example of a database project?
The components of a database application system include all of the following except _____.
Which of the following is false regarding the process of creating the database?
database developers use metadata to create tables, relationships, and other structures in the database
SQL is a(n) _____.
query language
Applications use DBMS for all of the following operations except _____ data.
SQL stands for ______.
standard query language
The functions of a DBMS include all of the following except ______.
performing memory swapping to across the database
A ______ is a collection of forms, reports, queries, and programs that process a database.
database application
_____ are used to read, insert, modify, and delete data.
data entry forms
_____ show data in a structured context.
Brenda wants to find a particular report containing sales analysis of the second and third quarter. After accessing the DBMS, she should type in the keyword into a _____ form to locate what she is looking for.
______ process logic that is specific to a given business record.
application programs
An important use of application programs is to ______.
enable database processing over the Internet
The _____ problem is unique to a multi-user database environment.
The two broad categories of DBMS are ______ and ______.
enterprise; personal
A(n) _____ DBMS is designed to process large organizational and workgroup databases.
______ is a popular enterprise DBMS.
_____ is an example of a personal DBMS.
The data ______ describes the data and relationships that will be stored in the database.
Which of the following is not part of the database development process?
an external verification agency validates the data model
The _____ data model is a tool for constructing data models.
UML stands for ________.
unified modeling language
A person, place, or object would be represented in a database application as a(n) _____.
______ is the most popular diagramming tool for database applications.
Entities have _____ that describe the characteristics of the entity.
An entity has a unique attribute which is known as the _____.
Which of the following statements is true about entities?
an entity is something that the users want to track
What are crow's feet?
shorthand for multiple lines showing relations between two entities in an E-R diagram
Many-to-many relationships are noted as ____ relationships.
Which of the following is true of N:M relationships?
more than one entity is allowed on each side of the relationship
In an entity-relationship diagram, a line between two rectangles represents a(n) ______.
In an entity-relationship diagram, a _____ on a line means that at least one entity type of that type is required.
vertical bar
In an entity-relationship diagram, a _____ on a line means that the entity is optional.
small oval
Minimum cardinalities are _____.
minimum requirements on the number of entities
Constraints on the number of entities are called ____ cardinalities.
If a student is allowed to have multiple majors and advisers are assigned to multiple students, this would be an example of a ______ relationship.
_____ is the process of converting a data model into tables, relationships, and data constraints.
database design
The database design team transforms entities into tables and expresses relationships by defining ______.
foreign keys
______ is the process of converting a poorly structured table into two or more well-structured tables.
If the same data element is stored differently in another table, this is said to be an issue of ______.
data integrity
The data integrity problem can occur only if _______.
data are duplicated
Which of the following statements about normalization is false?
normal forms are tables classified according to the problems
All the following steps involved in transforming a data model into a relational database design except _____.
each attribute of the entity becomes a row of the table
Every normalized table has ______.
a single theme
When transforming a data model into a database design, designers represent relationships by ______.
using the entity identifier
Which of the following is true of the database development process?
changing a relationship from 1:N to N:M is simply a matter of changing the notations
Firms that obtain data from public and private sources and store and process it in a sophisticated ways are known as data _______.