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Mr. Bean's Campus Vocab

Commonly Used on Campuses Across U.S.
academic advisor
[n] a person who helps students make decisions about their academic programs
academic dismissal
[n] a permanent removal of student as the end result of a pattern of multiple semesters of grades below the university's standards for Good Standing
academic probation
[n] when student's GPA has fallen below a low mark, usually 2.0.
academic suspension
[n] a temporary removal of student, usually after academic probation.
academic year
[n] the period of formal instruction at a college or university, usually September to May
admissions office
[n] a department of a university which deals with students' admittance process
[n] a graduate of a school, college, or university
[n] work that you have to do as part of the requirements for a class
assistant professor
[n] a college or university teacher who ranks above an instructor / lecturer and below an associate professor
[n] an opportunity for a graduate student to teach or do research in exchange for a tuition remission or a stipend
associate professor
[n] a college or university teacher who ranks above an assistant professor and below a professor
bachelor's degree
[n] an academic degree awarded for an undergraduate course or major that generally lasts for three or four years
[n] a type of food service location in which there is little or no waiting staff table service
[n] the buildings and grounds of a college or university
campus police
[n] security team employed by a college or university to protect the campus and surrounding areas and the people who live, work, and visit it
[n] a private study space in the stacks of the library
[n] the leader of many public and private universities and related institutions
class discussion
[n. phr] an exchange of ideas during a class
class rank
[n] the number or ratio indicating a student's academic standing in his or her class
class reunion
[n] a meeting of former classmates, typically organized at or near their former school by one of the class on or around an anniversary of their graduation.
[adj] an abbreviation for coeducational . a system of education in which both men and women attend the same school or classes
[n] an undergraduate division of a university or a school within a university which grants a bachelor's degree
[n] the graduation ceremony at which students receive their degrees
[n] a group of professors guiding a graduate student's program
[n] a person who gives students advice, often of a personal nature
[n] regularly scheduled class sessions
[n] a unit of study; part of a college or university course that you have completed successfully
credit hour
[n] the number that represents one hour of class per week for one term
[n] the set of courses, and their content, offered at a school or university
[n] a grading system based on the normal curve of distribution so that there are a few A grades, the majority are C grades and there are a few failing grades
[n] an administrator who ranks above a department chair and below a vice president
dean's list
[n. phr] the honor roll at a college or university
[n] a academic title awarded to a student who has completed a course of study
[n] a division of a college or university devoted to a particular academic discipline
department chair
[n] a university administrator responsible for a division of a college or university
dining hall
[n] a room for consuming food
[n] the certificate of completion for a degree
[n] a thesis that is written in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a doctorate
distance learning
[n. phr] courses organized so that students can complete the requirements by computer and without going to campus much
[n] a group of departments in a college or university
doctorate / doctoral degree
[n] the degree after a master's degree awarded to an academic doctor
[n] an abbreviation for dormitory; a hostel for students to live on campus
[n] a first copy of a paper
[adj] expected on a certain date
elective (course)
[n./adj] an optional academic course
electronic textbooks
[n] a book-length publication in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, and produced on, published through, and readable on computers or other electronic devices
[n] The total number of students properly registered and/or attending classes at a school
excused absence
[n] absence with the permission of the professor
[n] additional time to finish something, like reports or thesis
extra credit
[n] the opportunity to undertake optional work, additional to their compulsory school work, in order to gain additional credit that would boost their grades
extracurricular activities
[n] activities performed by students that fall outside the realm of the normal curriculum of school or university education
faculty member
[n] a teacher in a college or university
field trip
[n] a trip to a place that gives students the chance to study something in a real environment, rather than in a classroom or laboratory
final (exam)
[n] the last examination of an academic course
[n] a sum of money you pay for violating a rule
fitness center
[n] a gymnasium / gym which houses exercise equipment for the purpose of physical exercise
[n] a social organization for male college students
fraternity row
[n] a street where many fraternity houses are located
[n] a first-year college student
[adj] the number of hours for standard tuition at a college or university, usually 9 hours for a graduate student and 12-15 hours for an undergraduate student
government aid
[n] grants and scholarships for students who are in financial needs defined by government
[n] abbreviation which stands for grade point average
grade point average
[n] a grading scale, usually 0-4, on which grades are calculated
[n] a standard number or letter indicating a student's level of performance
graduate school
[n] a division of a college or university attended by students who have a first degree and who are pursuing master's or doctoral degrees
graduate student
[n] a student who already holds a bachelor's degree and is pursuing a master's or doctorate
[n] funds for research or study
group project
[n] an assignment to be completed by three or more students
gymnasium / gym
[n] a place for physical exercise
[n] notes prepared by a teacher and circulated to the class
head resident
[n] the dormitory advisor
health center
[n] a clinic on campus which provides basic health care for students
health insurance
[n] protection for students who may need medical care
[n] the tradition of welcoming back alumni of a school
[n] Living arrangement of staying with a family instead of in a dorm or at a rented place
[n] special recognition for exceptional students
housing office
[n] an administrative office for residence halls and off-campus rentals
[n] a grade in a course that allows students to complete requirements the following term
[n] a college or university teacher who ranks below an assistant professor
interlibrary loan
[n] a system allowing students on one campus to borrow books from other libraries on other campuses
[adj] teams/players consist of members from the same school.
international student advisor (ISA)
[n] a university administrator who consults international students
[n] a training opportunity that a recent graduate student takes in order to get experience
[n] a third-year college student
laboratory / lab
[n] a facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific research, experiments, and measurement may be performed
learning assistance center
[n] an area used for tutoring and special programs to help students with their classes
[n] a presentation for a class delivered by a professor
[n] a college or university teacher, usually without a rank
[n] a place where a large collection of books, reference, and other academic materials are available
lower-division course/class
[n. phr] an introductory-level course for first- and second-year students
[n] a field of study chosen as an academic specialty
makeup test
[n] a test taken after the date of the original administration
married student housing
[n] apartments on or near campus for married students
[n] any person, animal, or object used to represent a school
master's degree
[n] a type of degree you can earn in graduate school
[n] the process of initiating attendance to a school
meal plan
[n] a payment system for dinning a certain number of meals at school
[n] an exam in a subject that is given in the middle of the term
[n] a secondary area of study
[n] a student who does not meet the domicile requirements of a state
[n] a brief record of a lecture to help students recall the important points
objective test
[n] a test with one possible correct answer
office hours
[n] the posted days and times a professor can be expected to be in his / her office available to students
on probation
[prep. phr] on a trial period to improve your grades before disciplinary action
on reserve
[n] at a library, holding academic materials for students to check-out without taking the material out of the library.
on reserve
[prep. phr] books on reserve are retained in a special place in the library and can be used only in the library
open book test
[n] a test/exam where students are allowed to use textbooks and notes during the test.
open-book test
[n] a test during which students can consult their books and notes
[n] a program for new students at a college or university during which they receive information about the school
[n] permission to enter a class for which a student does not qualify
[n] less than the full work day or school day
placement office
[n] the office where students receive assistance in locating appointment
[n] act of using someone else's written work without giving that person credit
pop quiz
[n] a quiz that is given without notice
[n] any course of study taken by an undergraduate in preparation for study at a law school
[n] (often shortened to pre-med) a track an undergraduate student pursues prior to becoming a medical student.
[n] a course required before a student is eligible to take a higher-level course
[n] a college or university teacher who ranks above an associate professor
program of study
[n] a list of courses that a student must take to fulfill the requirements for graduation
[n] a space or courtyard, usually rectangular in plan, the sides of which are entirely or mainly occupied by parts of a large building.
[n] an academic term that is usually ten to twelve weeks in length
[n] a university official in charge of keeping records
[n] classes that are required for your major and that make up the core for your degree
resident advisor
[n] an advisor who lives in a dormitory and provides student counseling and supervision
review session
[n] a study meeting led by a professor to revise material before a test
room and board
[n] fees for room rent and meals
rush week
[n] the period of time when a frat or sorority tries to get new students to pledge.
[n] a machine-readable papers on which students mark answers to academic multiple-choice test questions
[n] a list of courses with dates, times, and locations
[n] financial help awarded to a student
[n] one of several options for the same course
[n] a period of study usually 15-18 weeks long
[n] a fourth-year college student
[n] a bus that has a short route around the campus
[n] a second-year college student
[n] a social organization for female college students
spring break
[n] a recess in early spring at universities and schools
[n] the bookshelves at the library
[n] a place or structure for mostly outdoor sports, concerts, or other events
student I.D. number
[n] a number used for identification at a college or university
student union
[n] a building on campus where students can relax and socialize
study abroad
[n] the act of a student pursuing educational opportunities in a country other than one's own
study lounge
[n] an area in a dormitory where students can go to study
summer school
[n] a program generally sponsored by a school that teaches students during the summer vacation
[n] an outline and summary of topics to be covered in an education or training course
[n] an abbreviation for teaching assistant
[n] an academic rank that guarantees permanent status
[n] a time period when colleges are in session
term paper
[n] a research paper written by students over an academic term, accounting for a large part of a grade
[n] a manual of instruction in any branch of study
[n] a written research on a specific topic prepared by a candidate for a bachelor's or master's degree
to ace (an exam/a course/the final)
[v. phr] to get a very high score on a test
to audit a course
[v. phr] to attend a course without taking it for credit
to be behind / to get behind
[v. phr] to be late; to have a lot of work to do; to be off schedule
to be closed out (of classes)
[v. phr] to be denied access to a class
to be expelled
[v] to be dismissed from school
to bring up your grades
[v. phr] to improve your grades
to call on students
[v. phr] to invite students to speak in class
to call the roll
[v. phr] to read the names of students from a list (roll) in order to take attendance
to cheat
[v] to act dishonestly during an exam
to check out books
[v. phr] to borrow books from the library
to cram
[v] to study just before a test or an exam, trying to learn a lot of material in a short period of time
to cut class
[v. phr] to be absent from class without having a good excuse
to declare your major
[v. phr] to make an official decision about a major field of study
to drop a course
[v. phr] to withdraw from a course
to drop out
[v. phr] to withdraw from a college or university before graduating
to enroll in/on
[v] to register for a course or a university program
to fail (an exam / a test / a class / a course)
[v. phr] to receive an unacceptable grade
to flunk
[v] to receive an inadequate score/grade on a test or in a course
to get into a final club
[v. phr] to join a final club
to get punched (by a club)
[v. phr] to be invited to join a university club
to hit the books
[v. phr] to study very hard
to miss class
[v. phr] to be absent from class, often without having a good excuse
to plagiarize
[v] to use someone else's written work without giving that person credit
to post a grade
[v. phr] to display a list with grades in a public place
to pull an all-nighter
[v. phr] to study all night
to sign up (for a class)
[v. phr] to enroll in a class
to skip
[v. phr] to be absent from class without having a good excuse
to turn in (your homework/paper/assignment)
[v. phr] to submit your work
tour guide
[n] a person who shows around the school for the visitors like students or parents.
[n] a printed and certified copy of a student's educational records
[v] to change schools
[n] a period of study that usually covers three equal terms of roughly 10-12 weeks during an academic year
tuition (fee)
[n] the money charged by an institution for instruction and training
tuition hike
[n] an increase in the tuition fees
tuition remission / tuition remittance
[n] the setting aside of the responsibility of a payment due for education provided
[n] a private instructor
undergraduate student
[n] a student pursuing a bachelor's degree
upper-division course
[n] an advanced course for third- and fourth-year students
[n] any first-string team, especially in sports, that represents a school, college, university, or the like