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Intel/ AMD computer architecture
The architecture used for Windows 8 and 8.1
ARM architecture
The architecture used for Windows RT, preinstalled on tablets
The ability to interpret multiple simultaneous touch gestures, such as the pinching gesture in which fingers first touch the device (screen, touch mouse, or touch pad) at separate locations and then pinch them together
Start screen
The Windows 8 home screen that contains rectangular tiles that you tap with a finger (o:(on touch screens) or click with a mouse to launch the related apps. These tiles replace the old desktop shortcuts and are called live tiles.
Corners and Edges
While many touch gestures and mouse actions occur in the main area of the screen, some important mouse gestures begin in the corners, while their touch counterparts originate at the edges. We will remind you of the this difference, as we introduce relevant touch and mouse actions.
live tile
5 A rectangle on the Windows 8 Start screen that when tapped with a finger or clicked with a mouse launches an app. The "live" part of the name is due to each tile's ability to display active content related to the app without requiring that you launch the app. (5
Windows Store
An online retail site that sells Windows 8 and Windows 8 apps
on-screen keyboard
I A virtual keyboard that is available as an accessibility option. It also displays in Windows 8 on devices without a keyboard when ) you need to enter alphanumeric characters on a device that lacks a keyboard.
Search bar
A bar that opens on the right of the screen in Windows 8 after you click or tap the Search charm on the Charms bar. It contains a search box for entering key words to search for all types of data in many locations.
keyboard shortcut
A key combination that performs an assigned action, saving you several mouse or keyboard actions.
Windows key
A key located near the bottom left of most keyboards that displays a Windows logo and is used in combination with other keys to create keyboard short¬ cuts.
Connected Standby
A power-saving mode in Windows 8 that allows specially designed apps to perform small tasks in background, such as email and notifications, with very little power usage.
Windows RT
A Windows 8 edition that does not run on the traditional Intel/AMD computer architecture, but comes preinstalled on tablets based on the ARM processor architecture.
Windows 8 Basic
One of two Windows 8 editions designed for the traditional Intel/AMD computer architecture. This edition is comparable to Windows 7 Home or Home Premium editions, containing features the typical home user would need. Is not officially part of the name, but used in this book to distinguish this edition from the Windows 8 version in general. (5)
Windows 8 Pro
Comparable to Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate, this edition is aimed at individuals with more advanced needs, at home or in a small office.
Remote Desktop
A feature that allows a user at one computer to connect to another and view and work in its desktop.
Windows Media Player (WMP)
A Microsoft app for managing and playing several forms of digital media, but does not play DVDs.
Windows Media Center (WMC)
A Microsoft app for managing and playing several forms of digital media including DVDs.
Windows Pro Pack $99.99
Using windows 8 Home what addition can you buy from Microsoft if you want to play DVDs. And how much does this cost?
Windows Pro WMC Upgrade $9.99
An upgrade to windows 8 pro that allows the playing of DVDs
Power User menu
A Windows 8 menu that opens when you use the Windows key+X shortcut. This menu contains many handy utilities.
Windows 8 System Requirements Processor
1GHz or faster
Windows 8 System Requirements RAM 32 bit
1 GB
Windows 8 System Requirements RAM 64 bit
2 GB
Windows 8 System Requirements HDD 32 bit
16 GB
Windows 8 System Requirements HDD 64 bit
20 GB
Windows 8 System Requirements Screen Resolution
1024 X 768 minimum screen resolution (1366 X 768 recommended).
Activating a Retail Product
Activation is no longer something you can delay for 30 days
Microsoft account
A free account with Microsoft that gives the subscriber access to Microsoft services, such as Hotmail. Messenger, SkyDrive, Windows Phone, Xbox LIVE, and Outlook.com.
Web-based Installer
An online installer, available through the Microsoft website for upgrading to Windows 8. This is the preferred method of installation.
Upgrade Assistant
This will prepare you for the changes you may need to make e due to hardware or software incompatibility,
ISO image
A copy of the entire contents of a CD or DVD that can be easily transferred to a writeable CD or DVD with ISO image copy software.
warm boot
Restarting a computer without a power-down and power-up cycle.
cold boot
A method of starting up a computer and operating system by turning on the power switch.
Out of Box Experience (OOBE)
A feature on a new computer with Windows 8 preinstalled. When you take it out of the box and turn it on, you will be greeted with this last phase of Windows installation where you personalize the GUI and configure how you will sign in. Both the web and traditional installers end at this screen
Post installation tasks
installing drivers, if necessary, and running Windows Update.
Windows Update Changes
Configured for automatic updates
Charms bar
A bar that displays on the right side of a Windows 8 screen and contains charms.
Shortcut-like object that appears on the Charms bar in Windows 8. This bar slides out from the right side of the screen.
Slang for the software added to a computer when it is purchased with Windows preinstalled. Some of these programs are useful, but most of it is annoying or may be free trial software that you can try, but must purchase to use after the trial period (often 30 days) expires.
File History
a new and easy way to automatically back up files in your Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos folders. is NOT on by default and requires an external drive or network location.
Lock screen
A screen that displays at start up of a Windows 8 computer, when n Windows is locked, or when a period of inactivity triggers the screen saver. You must use a swiping motion (with finger or mouse) to close the screen and access either the Sign-in screen or the Start screen.
Windows Defender
Now, rather than having to find and install a security package, __________ comes installed and ready to go to work for you
Family Safety
Monitor a child's use of a computer using a Windows 8 feature
A feature introduced in Internet Explorer 9 that prevents the downloading of suspicious programs during Web browsing. It was expanded in Windows 8 so that it is no longer limited just to the Internet Explorer browser
Windows SmartScreen
A feature based on the SmartScreen feature of Internet Explorer 9. No longer just part of the Internet Explorer browser, it runs at the OS level so that it protects against malicious downloads from any source, such as browsers, email, and even your local network or locally attached drives.
Assigned Access
A feature added in Windows 8.1 that allows an administrator to assign a single user account to I*un just one app.
The number of simultaneous touches Microsoft requires to certify a product as multitouch.
Allows you to display two modern apps or one modern app and the desktop on the screen side by side.
Windows 8 Pro
Windows 7 pro and Ultimate can only upgrade to this version of windows 8.
Personalize Page
Signals the beginning of the OOBE
File Explorer
New name for Window Explorer in Windows 8
Pc settings screen
contains several panels for configuring some Windows 8 settings.
What shortcut keys is a quick method of shutting down a Windows 8 Pc.
Lock Screen
Displays when you first start up your computer or after a period of inactivity.
Semantic Zoom
What is the feature called that lets you zoom out on the start screen to rearrange groups of tiles?
Windows Flip
Displays a visually flat horizontal bar of running Apps. Shortcut is Alt+Tab
Back Tip
A thumbnail that displays a tiny image of a previous app.
Black vertical bar with a thumbnail for each running app. Shortcut is Win+Tab
Windows firewall is turned on by default true or false?