60 terms

BCIS / CH. 6

A computer ______ is a collection of computers that communicate with one another over transmission lines.
A(n) _____ connects computers at different geographic locations.
Which of the following is the distinguishing feature of LAN?
single location
A _____ is a set of rules that two communicating devices follow.
Private networks are called _____.
To provide seamless flow to networks that comprise an Internet and elaborate scheme called a(n) _____ is used.
layered protocol
Computer and printers on a LAN are connected to a _____ to communicate & transmit messages on the LAN.
A(n) _____ is a special-purpose computer that receives and transmits messages on the LAN.
The hardware component that connects a printer's circuitry to the networks is called a(n) ______.
Each NIC has a worldwide, unique identifier, called ______.
MAC address
An NIC built into the computer's circuitry is called a(n) ______.
onboard NIC
A(n) ______ connector is used to connect the UTP cable into NIC devices on the LAN.
Reducing the cross-wire signal interference that occurs when wires run parallel for long distances is made possible by _____.
twisting the wires in a UTP
The connections between switches can use UTP cable, but if they carry a lo of traffic or are far apart, _____.
the UTP cable may be replaced by optical fiber cables
IEEE LAN protocols always start with the numbers _______.
One of the most common optical connectors is a(n) _______.
Most onboard NIC's support all of the following transmission rates except ______.
10,000 Mbps
Communications speeds are measured in ______.
In order for a printer or laptop to connect to a wireless LAN they must have a(n) ______.
______ is the dominant WLAN standard today.
IEEE 802.11g
Wireless devices connect to a wireless LAN using a(n) _______.
access point
The access point sends and receives wireless traffic using the _____ protocol and then communications with the switch using the _____ protocol.
802.11; 802.3
______ is a wireless protocol used to communicate over short distances.
Transmission speeds of 54mb/sec are commonly found when using ______.
wireless LAN
Frame relay and ATM are the protocols used for ______ networks.
Which of the following is not a function of an ISP?
provides a dedicated network over the Internet
A ______ must be used to convert an analog signal to a digital one, when trying to transmit data over a typical phone line.
Which of the following is true of DSL modems?
their signals do not interfere with voice telephone lines
_____ is good for homes and small businesses because they receive more data than they transmit.
If a business needs high speed in both directions they should select _____ modems.
What is the performance guarantee offered by SDSL connections?
they offer the same fast speed in both directions
Broadband communications have transmission speeds in excess of __.
256 kbps
_____ modems modulate in such a way that they do not interfere with TV signals, even though they use the same lines.
Which of the following is true of cable modems?
cable modems use their own protocols
Which of the following is not a WAN protocol?
IEEE 802.3
Which of the following WAN protocols has the greatest potential for speed?
_____ lines typically have transmission speeds less than 56 kbps.
Broadband communications have transmission speeds in excess of _____.
256 kbps
Which of the following is an access device that connects each site to the transmission lines?
A large company with production facilities in Houston, Atlanta, and Philadelphia would probably use _____ lines to transmit large amounts of data between the sites.
_____ are special purpose computers that move network traffic between nodes.
Which of the following is true of leased line networks?
network traffic is moved through a special-purpose computer called a modem
Which of the following transmission lines offers data transmission speeds of up to 40 Cbps?
optical fiber cables
Vendors develop and maintain leased lines and networks that are called ______.
The site where a leased line connects to a PSDN networks is called a(n) ______.
All of the following are advantages of using PSDN except _______.
in a PSDN, separate lines connect new site to all other sites
Which of the following is not one of the protocols used by PSDN?
Which of the following is true of the protocols used by PSDN?
ATM supports both voice and data communications
A(n) ____ uses the Internet or other Internet to create the appearance of private, point-to-point connections.
The connection between the VPN client and VPN server is called a ___.
_____ communications are secure, even though they are transmitted over the Internet.
Which of the following applies to asymmetric encryption?
one key encodes the messages, one key decodes the message
Which is a special version of asymmetric encryption that is popular on the Internet?
public key/private key
HTTPS and SSL/TLS utilize which of the following?
a communication of public key/private key and symmetric encryption
If you see https instead of http in the address bar of your browser you are using ______.
A(n) _____ firewall examines each part of the message and decides whether it will let that part pass through to the network.
A(n) _____ is a computing device that prevents unauthorized network access.
Packet-filtering firewall perform all of the following except _____.
encrypt data for transmission
_______ firewall are the simplest type of firewall.
The rules about who is allowed and who is not allowed into your network are known as ______.
access control list