Industrial Revolution


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Why was the Industrial Revolution so important?
Because of the inventions & advances, it changed how people lived!
Was the American Revolution the FIRST or the SECOND one?
Name two new inventions from the first revolution
Steam engine & the powered loom
People moved from farm to:
What did the invention of harnessing electricity do?
Invention of the light bulb, trolley, subway, and the radio.
What mode of transportation was mass produced?
Car / automobiles
What new class of society was created?
Middle Class
Name one negative consequence of the Industrial Revolution.
Pollution! For some people, conditions got worse.
Post-civil war industrial revolution was a continuation of what?
Changes in the US economy that started prior to the war.
What was the fundamental change for the economy caused by the industrial revolution?
Moved from an economy based on agriculture to one based on trade and the production of manufactured goods.
What does the manufacture of goods require?
Raw materials, workers, capital, equipment, and new ideas about how to make things
What does technology mean?
the new ideas about how to do things as well as the equipment required to do it
What did the government policies that encouraged Westward movement do?
Encouraged growth & the harvesting of the abundant natural resources of the west.
Besides Western expansion, why was the transcontinental railroad so important?
It provided a way to transport raw materials from the West back to cities where manufacturers could use them to produce goods for export all over the country & the world
What are some examples of raw materials from the West?
Grains from the Great Plains for mills to make cereal & flour. Hogs & cattle to meat processing plants (steaks, chops, sausage). Iron ore to processing plants to make steel girders for making skyscrapers, bridges, and more railroads.
What did Andrew Carnegie do?
brought the Bessemer process for converting iron into steel to the U.S. Also founded a huge steel company that created a monopoly on the production of steel in the U.S.
What did meat packers create to speed up the use of animals as resources?
The "dis-assembly" line - which killed hogs and cattle, cut them into steaks & chops, and used almost all of the remainder to make sausages and other processed meats.
What did Henry Ford invent?
First used the assembly line in 1913 to mass produce automobiles.
Who invented the telegraph?
Samuel Morse
How did the telegraph aid and promote the industrial revolution?
Prior to the invention of the telephone, it allowed for rapid communication over long distances so that raw materials and products could be ordered and sent to the proper places very rapidly.
Who invented the telephone & when?
Alexander Graham Bell in 1876
What did the invention of the telephone do?
It facilitated even faster communication and allowed for business to be done even faster and cheaper than before.
Did Thomas Edison invent the light bulb? If not - what DID he do with it?
Edison did NOT invent the light bulb. He did, however, invent the incandescent bulb in 1879, which made the light bulb practical to use.
What did the invention of the light bulb do for industry?
It promoted growth because the lighting of factories with electric lights made conditions much better and safer than with kerosene lamps.
What did the use of the light bulb promote in cities and towns?
The development and use of electrical generators and the wiring of towns and homes for electricity.
Aside from improving conditions, what else did the use of electricity do for industry?
It provided another means of powering machines beside the use of steam or water wheels. This also freed up builders to put industrial plants in new locations because all they needed for power was the ability to string power lines.
What did streetcars do for the devlopment of cities?
It allowed for expansion because workers could now live farther away from industrial centers and still commute to work using the public transportation like streetcars.
How did jobs for women change because of the invention and use of electricity?
Labor-saving devices were now available for the home, which made life somewhat easier for women and families who could afford them. Also - new jobs like telephone operators & sewing machine operators provided new job opportunities for women.
Who invented the airplane?
Orville and Wilbur Wright.
When and where did the first plane fly?
Kitty Hawk, NC - flew for 12 seconds in 1903.