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Evidence of Evolution

What are fossils?
remains or imprints of once-living organisms
How do fossils form?
when a dead organisms is covered by a layer od sediment or mud
Cast Fossil
minerals in the sediment replace the bodys material with minerals that harden over time
Fossil Record
all of the fossils that have been discovererd / scientist can learn about the history of the Earth
Trasitional Fossils
fossils that help fill in gaps in the fossil reocrd
New VS. Old
-fossils found in new layers of Earths crust tend to have physcial or molecular similarties to present day orgnaisms
-older fossils are less similar to present day organisms
Evidence To Evolution
-modern spieces and extincit species share and ancetsor
Common Ancetsor- most recent specie in which 2 different species have evolved
* structual DNA supports this theory
embryology- study of development
Related Organisms
* fossils give evidence
* DNA/ hypothesis
*transtional character of extinct species to see how changes happened
Molecular evidence alos show that the DNA of mammals is very similar