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The belief that what is in nature is all there is, and the supernatural doesn't exist


The belief that God is a remote First Cause who establishes the scientific laws and thereafter leaves nature to its own


The belief in the existence of one God who is viewed as the creative Source of the human race and the world who transcends yet is immanent (knowable) in the world

Natural Selection

The key mechanism of evolution by which variance is introduced. These random mutations either help or hurt the species' chances of survival


the belief that all criteria of judgment are relative to a person's perspective or interpretation


The belief that empirical science can explain everything

Post modernism

What rationalism is to modernism, relativism is to this.

Scopes Trial (1925)

The famous case which the movie "Inherit the Wind" fictionalizes

Owning the Microphone

Mass media controls/dictates what is true and shuts down dissent


Cyclical variations within species type i.e. finch beaks

Matter vs. Information

Matter is not all there is. It is distinct from information. Books contain pages and words (matter), but the thoughts that created it are abstract (information). It begs the question, "Who/What came up with the information if evolution is random and purposeless?"

The Wedge

The strategy of breaking a solid log (evolution) with scientific evidence (irreducible complexity, fossil record, etc.)

Berra's Blunder

Confuses intelligent design with natural selection in his Corvette example

Charles Templeton

Left the Christian faith and became an agnostic

John Shelby Spong

Purged Christianity of its supernatural elements

Billy Graham

Stepped back from the intellectual battle (mind) and engaged only the heart


Becomes subjective once God becomes subjective. With this shift came different views on marriage, divorce, pre-marital sex, abortion, homosexuality, gender roles, etc.


Is not the answer as some Christians think since many Supreme Court justices were appointed by so-called conservative presidents (Bush, Reagan, Nixon, etc.)

Darwinian Centennial Celebration of 1959

One of (3) significant events that shifted the way we think because it fostered the belief that science could explain/solve everything, and God was no longer needed.

Inherit the Wind (1960)

One of (3) significant events that shifted the way we think because it equated Darwinism with freedom and enlightenment, and Christianity with ignorance.

Engel v. Vitale

One of (3) significant events that shifted the way we think because it banned official prescribed prayers from public schools because they "established a religion" and replaced it with a new religion that didn't need God.

Irreducible Complexity

Complex molecular mechanisms (i.e. sight and blood-clotting) couldn't have been preceded by functional, intermediate stages. An example of this is the mousetrap

Cambrian Explosion

Fossil records show that almost all of the major animal groups appeared suddenly, yet there is no fossil record showing they had any evolutionary ancestors


What evolutionists are really promoting since the empirical evidence does not support their "scientific" theory

Accomodating evolution

Leaves our young people vulnerable to being indoctrinated with materialism--especially when they go off to college

fossil record

Does not show single-celled organisms changing step by step into complex plants and animals.

baloney detector

What Carl Sagan said was needed to protect us from irrationality and keep us grounding "logical reasoning and investigative procedure"


The theory popularized by Darwin that gradual change in the characteristics of a population of animals or plants over successive generations accounts for the origin of existing species from ancestors unlike them

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