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How many countries are in this region?


How were the Himilayan Mountains formed?

Subcontinent broke away from Africa & crashed into Asia

What river is sacred to the Hindus?


What is the highest peak in the world?
What is it's elevation?

Everest, 29,028ft

This river flows west into India and Bangladesh.


What is the Khyber Pass?

Route between mountains in Pakistan and Afghanistan

What river joins with the Ganges to form a delta in Bangladesh?


What two mountain ranges block rain from reaching the Indian interior?

East & West Ghats

Where do most of the Indian people live?

Rular villages

How many languages are spoken in India?


What is a darma?

Moral duty of Hindus

This is the nickname for the city where's India's film industry is located.


What is India's largest city?

Bombay (18.3 million)

In 1971 East Pakistan became known as what?


In this region, where is the highest concentration of population found?

Ganges Plain

who was the Mahatma, and what did he do?

Ghandy, helped give India its independence from Great Britain

What is the most densely populated country in this region?


Which South Asian countries have a monarchy as their form of government?

Nepal and Bhutan

Describe the idea of reincarnation

Rebirth as another living until overcoming personal weaknesses and earthly desires

What religion are most people of Pakistan?


What river in this region is known as culture hearth?


What is the largest religious group in India?


What language do most people speak in Bangladesh?


Describe the idea of Karma

Every action has an equal reaction (good/bad deeds have good/bad consequences)

What area does India and Pakistan disagree about it's borders?


Which South Asia countries have nuclear capability?

India and Pakistan

What is jute

Jute is fiber used to make string, rope and cloth

What is the lowest class of Indian society?


Describe the Green Revolution

In 1960's, sought to increase crop production in developing countries

Define Chipko

Tree hugged movement

What colonial power was once in control of much of South Asia?

Great Britain

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