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abusar de

to abuse, to take advantage of

acordarse de

to remember

alejarse de

to go, to move away from

apartarse de

to keep away from, to withdraw from

apoderarse de

to take possession of, to take hold of

aprovecharse de

to take advantage of

arrepentirse de

to be sorry for, to repent of

asombrarse de

to be astonished at

asustarse de

to be frightened at, to get alarmed

avergonzarse de

to be ashamed of

bajar de

to get off of, to get out of, to descend from

burlarse de

to make fun of

cambiar de

to change (train, buses, clothes, etc)

cansarse de

to become tired of

carecer de

to lack, to be lacking

compadecerse de

to feel sorry for, to sympathize with

constar de

to consist of

cuidar de

to take care of, to look after

depender de

to depend on

deshacerse de

to get rid of, to part with

despedirse de

to say goodbye to

disfrutar de

to enjoy A

dudar de

to doubt

enamorarse de

to fall in love with

encargarse de

to take charge of

enterarse de

to find out about, to become aware of

gozar de

to enjoy B

huir de

to flee from

irse de

to leave A

marcharse de

to leave B

ocuparse de

to attend to, to pay attention to, to look after

olvidarse de

to forget

pensar de

to have an opinion about, to think about

preocuparse de

to worry about, to be concerned about

quejarse de

to complain of or about

reírse de

to laugh at

salir de

to leave (from), to go out of

separarse de

to leave C

servir de

to serve as

servirse de

to make use of, to use

tratarse de

to be a question of, to deal with

valerse de

to make use of

complacerse en

to take pleasure in, to be pleased to

confiar en

to trust in, to be confident in

consentir en

to consent to

convenir en

to agree to, to agree on A

empeñarse en

to persist in, to insist on

esforzarse en

to strive for, to try to

insistir en

to insist in

pensar en

to think of, to think about

persistir en

to persist in

quedar en

to agree to, to agree on B

tardar en

to be late in, to delay in

vacilar en

to hesitate to

apoyarse en

to lean against, to lean on

confiar en

to rely on, to trust in

consistir en

to consist of

convertirse en

to become, to convert to, to turn into

entrar en

to enter, to go into

fijarse en

to notice, to take notice of

influir en

to have an influence on

meterse en

to get involved in, to meddle in

pararse en

to stop at

pensar en

to think of, to think about

acabar por

to end (up) by A

dar por

to consider, to regard as

darse por

to pretend, to consider oneself

empezar por

to begin by

esforzarse por

to strive to

estar por

to be in favor of

interesarse por

to take an interest in

luchar por

to struggle to

pasar por

to be considered as

preguntar por

to ask for, to inquire about

preocuparse por

to worry about

terminar por

to end (up) by B

tomar por

to take someone for

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