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G1 phase
Cell grows, prepares for chromosome replicated
S phase
DNA replication; each chromosome duplicated to form two sister chromatids
G2 phase
More growth
M phase
Early Prophase
Chromosomes coil and sister chromatids become apparent; Nuclear structures begin to disappear
Middle Prophase
Mitotic spindle begins to form. Critical for moving chromosomes during mitosis; has two focal points.
Late Prophase
Nuclear envelope begins to break down; Mitotic spindle enters nuclear region. Spindle microtubules attach to centromeres via kinetochore complex (Sister chromatids become attached to opposite poles of the spindle).
Nuclear envelope absent; Action of mitotic spindle aligns sister chromatids at metaphase plate
Centromeres separate ("disjunction"); Daughter chromosomes move toward poles. Cytokinesis begins
Daughter chromosomes complere movement to poles; chromosomes uncoil, nuclear envelope reforms. Spindle microtubules disappear.
Division of cytoplasm to form two cells; different strategies used animal and plant cells