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calentar (e>ie)

to heat

cerrar (e>ie)

to close

comenzar (e>ie)

to begin

confesar (e>ie)

to confess

despertarse (e>ie)

to wake up

empezar (e>ie)

to begin

nevar (e>ie)

to snow

pensar (e>ie)

to think

sentarse (e>ie)

to sit

encender (e>ie)

to light/to turn on (appliances)

entender (e>ie)

to understand

perder (e>ie)

to lose

querer (e>ie)

to want

divertirse (e>ie)

to have fun

mentir (e>ie)

to lie

preferir (e>ie)

to prefer

sentir (e>ie)

to feel

sentirse (e>ie)

to feel oneself

acordarse de (o>ue)

to remember

acostarse (o>ue)

to lie down/to go to bed

almorzar (o>ue0

to have lunch

contar (o>ue)

to count/to narrate a story

costar (o>ue)

to cost

encontrar (o>ue)

to find

jugar (u>ue)

to play

probar (o>ue)

to try

probarse (o>ue)

to try on (clothes)

recordar (o>ue)

to remember

volar (o>ue)

to fly

devolver (o>ue)

to return (something)

doler (o>ue)

to ache/to be in pain

envolver (o>ue)

to wrap

morder (o>ue)

to bite

mover (o>ue)

to move

oler (o>hue)

to smell

poder (o>ue)

to be able to

volver (o>ue)

to return (from a place)

llover (o>ue)

to rain

dormir (o>ue)

to sleep

morir (o>ue)

to die

morirse (o>ue)

to die

dormirse (o>ue)

to sleep

despedirse de (e>i)

to say good-bye

medir (e>i)

to measure

pedir (e>i)

to ask for

reír (e>í)

to laugh

reírse (e>í)

to laugh

repetir (e>i)

to repeat

servir (e>i)

to serve

sonreir (e>í)

to smile

sonreirse (e>í)

to smile

vestir (e>i)

to dress

vestirse (e>i)

to dress oneself

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