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onetime (former)
Even after the November arrest of Sandusky, the architect of Penn State's ferocious defenses and Paterno's (one-time; one time; onetime) heir apparent, many were hesitant to blame Paterno.
Mr. Edward's
"I believe what I meant by that is Ms. Mellon was still supportive of (Mr. Edwards's; Mr. Edward's; Mr. Edwards') causes," Brumberger testified.
financially battered
Unions are angry that Detroit is trying to mend its (financially-battered; financially battered) books by laying off workers.
One in 3 young adults with autism (have; has) no paid job experience, college or technical schooling nearly seven years after high school graduation, a study finds.
reinvestigate (hyphen only when prefix ends in a vowel and word begins with same vowel)
China will (re-investigate; reinvestigate) allegations that Chinese-made drug capsules contained
powdered flesh.
small-town; the neighbors
A manhunt for a fugitive accused of kidnapping and a double slaying had (small town; smalltown; small-town) residents in lockdown Thursday and shattered the feeling of safety in a place where everyone knows (their neighbors; the neighbors).
attempted extortion of
Two people remain jailed after being charged with (attempting to extort; attempted extortion of) Stevie Wonder in Los Angeles.
She noted the case has lasted longer than the couple's (72 day; 72-day) marriage.
"Kelly has been very supportive of her daughter," Smith and co-counsel James Allison said in an (email; e-mail) statement.
A former FBI (cyber-crime; cyber crime; cybercrime) expert said the unusual ransom demand
sounded similar to popular email fraud scams.
They arranged for a police escort along the (3-mile, three-mile) route.
In San Juan, frightened residents ran into the streets, and (cellphone; cell phone) and Internet service failed across the city.
an automated callback system
Police responded to calls by using (a reverse 911 system; an automated callback system) to tell people to stay inside while they figured out what was going on.
rebut (outcome isn't known)
The defense is likely to (refute; rebut) the insanity finding.
A rise in (hard-line, hardline) Islamist influence brings an array of major complications for Washington and its allies.
Those owning an (e-book; ebook) device or tablet jumped from 18 percent to 33 percent.
are seen
The peaceful vote and transition (is seen, are seen) as evidence that democracy is maturing in the country.
Microsoft will continue selling the package as (standalone; stand-alone) software.
as good a chance
He said the group has (as good of a chance; as good a chance) as can be expected given its equipment.
The floating museum features a (reenactment, re-enactment) of the protest that eventually led to the Revolutionary War.
She dated the son of the former (Argentinian, Argentine) president for more than a decade.
a 6- to 7-inch-wide
He found (a six-to-seven-inch wide; a 6- to 7-inch-wide) ledge about 150 yards from the bottom
and wedged his body there.
which manage
The two companies, (who manage; which manage) most private detention centers, insist they aren't trying to influence immigration policies.
This was more of a team effort than the past two Olympics, which were dominated by Phelps' (herculean; Herculean) performances.
a multimillion-dollar
A police captain who was demoted after actor Charlie Sheen received a police escort to his comedy show has filed (a multi-million dollar; a multi-million-dollar; a multimillion-dollar) lawsuit.
two others
Two people died and (another two; two others) were missing in a tropical storm that lashed the
eastern Caribbean, authorities said.
A log truck operator was taken to a hospital with (nonlife-threatening injuries; non-life threatening injuries; non-life-threatening injuries) after his vehicle overturned on Highway 82.
The Coast Guard said it wasn't immediately clear when the river would (re-open; reopen) to barge and boat traffic.
company's website
For details about the product recall, visit the (firm's web site; firm's Web site; company's website).
The 18-year-old (boy; youth; man) was arrested on a charge of burglary.
Paul McCartney, the singer and (cowriter; co-writer) of hits like "Hey Jude" and "Yesterday," was decorated at the rank of officer.
The Federal Trade Commission warned about sales hype on quick remedies for preventing (bedbugs; bed bugs).
Nazi death camp in German-occupied Poland
He was convicted on 28,000 counts of being an accessory to murder at a (Polish death camp; Nazi death camp in German-occupied Poland) during World War II.
Prophet Muhammad
Demonstrators angry over the vulgar depiction of the (Prophet Muhammad; prophet Mohammed) in the video protested around the Muslim world.
ZIP code
The city hopes to install miniboxes for library books in every (Zip code, ZIP code, ZIP Code) by year's end.
Ikea is being criticized for deleting images of women from the Saudi version of its furniture
(catalogue; catalog).
25 years to life
Judges could reduce the no-parole sentence to (25 years to life; 25-years-to-life) if the inmate shows remorse.
businesslike (like does not need a hyphen)
Russia watchers in the U.S. predict a more (business-like; businesslike) relationship than was the case under former President Dmitry Medvedev.
at the bloody scene
Police arrived (to the bloody scene; at the bloody scene) where Jones had been slashed in the neck
and torso.
It's not known whether Hogan is still friends with Bubba Clem and Heather Clem. The (Clemses; Clems) have since divorced.
yearslong cease-fire
The largest Muslim rebel group in the Philippines says police commandos endangered a (yearslong cease-fire; years-long ceasefire) by raiding a guerrilla stronghold.
Severing ties also boosted Canada's close relationship with Israel, Tehran's (archenemy. arch-
health care
As the country struggles to reduce debt, (healthcare; health care) spending has been slashed.
Earlier this week, a video appeared to show rebel fighters (executing; killing) a group of unarmed, captured Syrian soldiers.
"We missed the first two or three shots and they made (theirs; their's; theirs'). That put us on our
A hearing on (Hostess's; Hostess') liquidation request is scheduled for Monday morning.
They watched him bare his soul for assorted (VIP's; VIPs) and anyone willing to pay cash to hear his story.
states' rights
It has also become a (states rights; states' rights) issue as some states try to impose tougher standards on eggs coming from other states.
Authorities said they've recovered and identified the body of a man (whose; who's) been missing since late July.
the lectern
The governor urged the presidential candidate to get out from behind (the podium; the lectern) and connect directly with voters.
Dozens of (nongovernmental organizations; non-governmental organizations) refuse to comply with the new law restricting their activities
Her (bi-annual; biannual) certification as a referee expires at the end of December, the tennis
federation said.
multimillion-pound (multi doesn't need a hyphen)
The deal depends on the city council granting permission for the (multi-million pound; multimillion-pound; multi-million-pound) conversion of the building.
nonstop (non does not need a hyphen)
After police arrived, the boy talked almost (non-stop; nonstop) and moved constantly in the backseat of the squad car.
predates (pre does not need a hyphen)
The Bureau of Labor Statistics was founded in 1885 and actually (predates; pre-dates) the Labor Department.
Investigators said more than 60 guns were seized, from handguns to military-style (semiautomatic rifles; semi-automatic rifles), and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.
He was a Medal of Honor (recipient; winner) for valor in World War II.
The national flag flew at (half-staff; half-mast) on government buildings as the nation mourned the dead.
She said the previous (referendums; referenda) failed because not enough students were engaged in the process.
Since the (1970's; 1970s) the number of women serving in China's parliament has actually fallen.
Three soldiers declined administrative punishments and requested (court martials; courts-martial; courts martial), which would give them public trials to contest the charges.
They attended diplomatic receptions at the U.S. and French (embassys; embassies; Embassies) in London.
Detectives began (re-investigating; reinvestigating) the long-dormant case in November 2011
President Barack Obama's election victory was due in no small part to his support from 78 percent of (non-white; nonwhite) voters.
The plant will form part of a (countrywide; country-wide) solar energy grid with a capacity of 2,000 megawatts by 2020.
When a hurricane barreled through the Gulf Coast ahead of the Democratic Convention, the president added a stop in New Orleans to his (preconvention; pre-convention) itinerary
A lack of (accommodations, accomodations) has always been one of the main concerns of World
Cup and Olympic organizers.
Savile Row
A tourist seeking a hand-tailored suit should visit (Savile Row, Saville Row) in London's Mayfair.
The hikers encountered a black bear (further, farther) along the mountain trail.
The airline scheduled six (roundtrip, round trip, round-trip) flights a week starting Sept. 1.
Many Rio residents dedicated to the roller-coaster of (carnival, Carnival) preparations describe it as an irresistible addiction.
The Spice Girls appeared (on stage; on-stage; onstage) together for the first time in five years at the London Olympics closing ceremony in August.
Michael Haneke's talent for evoking reality (on screen; on-screen; onscreen) was key to the success of "Amour."
However outrageous the (story line; storyline; story-line), the characters are believable and appealing.
The Discovery network's first scripted (mini-series; miniseries; mini series) is about hunting for gold in the Klondike.
The galaxy is 60 million (light years; light-years; lightyears) away.
in vitro
The couple tried (in vitro; in-vitro; invitro) fertilization.
A person who has unprotected sex could become infected with (HIV; HIV virus; AIDS).
She gave birth by (Caesarean; Cesarean; cesarean) section.
The patient was diagnosed with (prostrate; prostate; Prostate) cancer.