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What type of immunity results from vaccinations?

Artificially acquired active immunity

What type of immunity results from transfer of antibodies from one individual to a susceptible individual by means of injection?

Artificially acquired passive immunity

What type of immunity results from recovery from mumps

Naturally acquired active immunity

A human's resistance to canine distemper is an example of

innate immunity

Newborns' immunity due to the transfer of antibodies across the placenta is an example of

Naturally acquired passive immunity

What type of immunity is NOT due to antibodies

Innate Immunity

The specificity of an antibody is due to

The variable portions of H and L chains

Which of the following is not a characteristic of B cells

They recognize antigens associated with MHC1

The presence of which of the following indicates a current infection rather than a previous infection or vaccinations


Whihc of the following is NOT a characterisitc of cellular immunity

B cells make antibodies

Plasma cells are activated by a


The antibodies found in mucus, saliva, and tears are


The antibodies found on B cells are


The antibodies that can bind to large parasites


Large antibodies that agglutinates antigens are


The most abundant class of antibodies is serum is


Which of the following destroys virus-infected cells


Which of the following statements about natural killer cells is false

They are stimulated by an antigen

A Treg cell deficiency could result in

Increased number of viral infections

Which of the following is NOT normally used in a vaccine


Which of the following is NOT a disadvantage of a live virus vaccine

Antibody response is not as good as with inactivated viruses

Haemophilus influenzae b capsular polysaccharide with a protein

conjugated vaccine

What type of vaccine is Streptococcus pyogenes capsule

Subunit vaccine

What type of vaccine involves host synthesis of of viral antigens

Nucleic acid vaccine

A reaction between an antibody and soluble antigen-forming lattices is called a

Precipitation reaction

What type of vaccine is live measles virus

Attenuated whole-agent vaccine

A reaction using red blood cells as the indicator and hemolysis indicates an antigen, antibody reaction is called

Complement fixation

Which of the following is a test to determine patient's blood type by mixing patient's red blood cells with antisera

Direct agglutination ractions

To detect botulinum toxin in food, suspect food is injected into two guinea pigs. The guinea pig that was vaccinated against botulinum survives, but the one that was not vaccinated dies. This is an example of


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