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hacerse daño

to harm oneself


to hurt oneself

tener un accidente

to have an accident


to fall


to break (oneself)


to twist (oneself)



una fractura

a fracture/break

una herida

a wound/cut


to cut (oneself)

un picadura

a sting/a bite

una abeja

a bee


to sting/to bite


to hurt

la ambulancia

the ambulence

la camilla

the stretcher

el servicio de primeros auxilios

the first aid service

el socorrista

the paramedic

acabar de

to have just (done something)

el hombro

the shoulder

el brazo

the arm

el pecho

the chest

la rodilla

the knee

el codo

the elbow

el tobillo

the ankle

la muñeca

the wrist

el dedo

the finger

los ojos

the eyes

la nariz

the nose

los labios

the lips

las mejillas

the cheeks

la frente

the forehead

las orejas

the ears


to happen

tener lugar

to take place

el hospital

the hospital

el dolor

the pain


to help

he ayudado

I have helped

has comido

you have eaten

ha tomado

he has taken

hemos leído

we have read

han sido

they have been

he visto

I have seen

has dicho

you have said

ha hecho

he has done

hemos escrito

we have written

han puesto

they have put

me he roto

I have broken

has vuelto

you have returned (to a place)

ha devuelto

he has returned (a thing)

nos hemos muerto

we have died

han cubierto

they have covered

el cuello

the neck

la barbilla

the chin

la espalda

the back

el estómago

the stomach

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