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Global History 10: East Asia Post WWII History

destroy militarism, create a democratic society
What were the two US goals in Japan after WWII?
General Douglas MacArthur
What US general oversaw the occupation and restructuring of Japan?
Japanese Parliament created by the US
What was the Diet and who created it?
made it only a small defensive army
What did the US do to Japan's army?
put them on trial
What did the US do to Japanese military leaders from WWII?
civil rights
What did the US help grant to Japan after WWII?
ceremonial only
What power did the emperor have or not have after WWII when the US helped restructure?
prime minister and the Diet
What two figures had power in Japan now?
democratic ideas taught
What changed in Japanese education?
they were freed from Japanese control
What happened to overseas territories when America occupied Japan?
huge increase in gross domestic product
Why was Japan considered an economic miracle?
exporting their goods
What did the Japanese's successful economy mostly depend on?
successful post WWII industrialization, educated and skilled work force, money available for investment, and restrictions on imports
List four reasons why Japan had a successful economic recovery
Chinese Communist Party
What is the CCP?
What's another name for the CCP?
Chiang Kai-Shek and the Nationalists
Who did the CCP defeat to take control of China in 1949?
Mao Zedong
Who was the Chinese Communist leader?
Communist guidebook, contained quotes from Mao
What was the "Little Red Book" and what did it contain?
Great Leap Forward
What was the big surge for industrialization?
peasants lived and worked on group farms
What are communes?
how to have a revolution
What did the Cultural Revolution teach children?
Mao Zedong
Who led the Cultural Revolution?
Red Guards
Who had to restore order during the Cultural Revolution?
turn their parents in
What did children do during the Cultural Revolution?
rid capitalism, bring in communism
What was the Cultural Revolution trying to push out and bring in?
Jiang Qing and her supporters
Who was in the Gang of Four?
seize control of China
What did the Gang of Four try to do after Mao Zedong died?
Jiang Qing
Who was Mao Zedong's widow?
one who lives with private ownership
What is a capitalist? (in terms of ownership)
Deng Xiaoping
Who was Mao's successor?
Was Deng Xiaoping for communism or capitalism?
science, industry, agriculture, defense
What were the four modernizations? (the four areas)
modernize them
What was Deng trying to do in the four modernizations to science, industry, agriculture, and Japan's defense?
got land but they had to pay a certain amount to government then the rest was profit
What did families do in the Responsibilty System?
Special Economic Zone
What is an SEZ? *define
foreign enterprises could operate with tax breaks
What could the Chinese do in the SEZ's?
Communism vs Confucianism
What is the conflict in modern China?
communism says everyone is equal, confucianism says man is head of household
What's the problem with communism and confucianism?
1.5 billion people
What population pressure (amount) does China face today?
Tianamen Square Massacre
What was it called when college students were forcefully attacked by the Chinese government for routing for democratic changes?
US says its independent, China says it's theirs
Why is Taiwan a source of conflict between the US and China?
Who agreed that Korea should be independent after WWII and sent troops to occupy the peninsula? (two nations)
Who occupied north of the 38th parallel of Korea?
Who occupied south of the 38th parallel of Korea?
North Korea
Which part of Korea never had elections held?
North Korea invaded South Korea
Who invaded who to begin the Korean War?
no real winner
What is a stalemate?
What was declared at the end of the Korean War?
agreement to stop fighting and yes
What is an armistice and did one get signed after the Korean War?
neutral area between North and South Korea
What is a DMZ?
Dimilitarized zone
What does DMZ stand for?
place where the cold war was broken out
What is a hot spot?
Can develop nuclear technology
Why is North Korea a threat to us?
they can hit South Korea, our ally
If North Korea can't hit us with their nuclear technology, why are we worried?
country who industrialized quickly after WWII?
What is an Asian Tiger?
Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan
Who are the four Asian Tigers?
self reliance
What is juche?