80 terms

expressions of time (second year)

very often
quite often
on Monday morning
on Wednesday afternoon
on Wednesday
on Monday
almost always
every week
hardly ever
every month
once a week
once a month
once a year
twice a week
twice a month
twice a year
once or twice a week
three times a week
three times a month
three times a year
two or three times a week
in the morning
in the afternoon
in the evening
at night
at the weekend
at Christmas
on Christmas Day
on New Year's Eve
at Easter
on Easter Eve
on my birthday
before breakfast
after breakfast
on Thursday afternoon
every day
before lunch
after lunch
on Tuesday morning
on Friday morning
before dinner
after dinner
at midnight
at noon
once in a while
every other day
on Saturday
on Sunday
most evenings
most weekends
at dawn
at sunrise
at sunset
at lunchtime
during the week
at dinnertime
once in a blue moon
when I have some free time
when I'm in the mood
from Monday to Saturday
in March
in April
in May
in June
in July
in (the) summer
every now and then
nine times out of ten
before going to bed
before going to work
year in year out
at all times
all the time