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  1. autograph
  2. phonograph
  3. thermometer
  4. biography
  5. telecommunication
  1. a a person's own signature
  2. b an instrument for measuring temperature
  3. c a machine that reproduces sound by means of a stylus in contact with a grooved rotating disk
  4. d a system used in transmitting messages over a distance electronically
  5. e a written account of another person's life

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  1. am image recorded by a camera and reproduced on another surface
  2. about the internal heat of the earth
  3. the process in green plants and certain other organisms by which carbohydrates are synthesized from carbon dioxide and water using light as an energy source
  4. the science of life or living matter in all its forms
  5. self

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  1. autobiographya written account of another person's life


  2. tele-distant


  3. telescopea tubular optical instrument containing lenses and mirrors to see around corners


  4. phon-sound


  5. graph-a written account of another person's life


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