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  1. autograph
  2. peri-
  3. meter-
  4. autobiography
  5. bio-
  1. a a person's own signature
  2. b around
  3. c a history of a person's life written or told by that person
  4. d life
  5. e measure

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  1. the border or outer boundary of a (two-dimensional) figure
  2. a communications system to send messages over a distance electronically
  3. write
  4. an apparatus for transmission of sound to a distant point
  5. an instrument for measuring temperature

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  1. televisionan optical instrument for making distant objects appear larger and nearer


  2. barometeran instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure


  3. photo-light


  4. phonographa machine that reproduces sound by means of a stylus in contact with a grooved rotating disk


  5. tele-distant