Chapter 7

In photosynthesis, the chemiosmotic
production of ATP
is analogous to the production of ATP in mitochondria
The ultimate source of all food we eat and the oxygen we breath is
Of the following wavelengths of light,
which would you expect to be least absorbed by chlorophyll a?
green - 525nm
Which one of the following statements is false?
Burning wood contributes more to acid rain than burning fossil fuels
In most green plants, chloroplasts are
concentrated in a zone of leaf tissue called the mesophyll.
In the chloroplast, sugars are made in a
compartment that is filled with a thick fluid called the
Why are (most. plants green
Chlorophyll a reflects green light.
Which of the following are produced
during the Calvin cycle?
glucose, ADP, NADP+
If you expose a photosynthesizing plant
to water that contains both radioactive H and radioactive O, in which of the products of photosynthesis will the radioactive H and O show up?
H in glucose and water; O in O2
Which one of the following statements is
ATP is not produced during photosynthesis. ATP is only produced during respiration.
Chloroplasts contain disklike
membranous sacs arranged in stacks called
The electron transport chains of the light
shuttle electrons along in a series of redox reactions
The summary equation for photosynthesis is
6 CO2 + 6 H2O + sunlight → C6H12O6 + 6 O2
The light reactions occur in the
__________ while the Calvin cycle occurs in the
thylakoid membranes . . . stroma
Which of the following are produced
during the light reactions of photosynthesis?
The Calvin cycle constructs
__________, an energy-rich molecule that a plant cell can then use to make glucose or other organic molecules.
Sunlight is a type of __________ energy
Plants use sugars as
a fuel for cellular respiration and a starting material for making other organic molecules.
The oxygen released into the air as a
product of photosynthesis comes from
Carbon fixation
occurs when carbon and oxygen from CO2 are incorporated into an organic molecule.
Energy can be released from a pigment
with an excited electron
All of the choices are correct
What is the source of energy that
provides the boost for electrons during photosynthesis?
play a role in glucose synthesis by plants
CO2 enters and O2 escapes the leaf via
Plant cells
have mitochondria and chloroplasts.
The greenhouse effect is
reduced by photosynthesis, which removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
The Calvin cycle involves all of the
following except:
formation of waste products in the form of CO2.
Photosynthetic organisms derive their
carbon from
carbon dioxide.
The greenhouse effect
All of the choices are correct.
Which of these colors contributes the
least energy to photosynthesis?