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una lista de verbos en español que exigen el uso de ciertas preposiciones antes o después de sustantivos y verbos. N significa substantivo. V significa verbo.

acertar a

to manage to, succeed in (doing sth.)

acostumbrarse a

to become used to (s.o., sth., doing sth.)

adaptarse a

to adapt oneself to (sth., a situation, doing sth.)

adelantarse a

to step forward to (s.o., sth., doing sth.)

animar a

to encourage to (do sth.)

animarse a

to decide, make up one's mind to (do sth.)

aprender a

to learn to (do sth.)

apresurarse a

to hasten to, hurry to (somewhere, do sth.)

arriesgarse a

to risk (doing sth.)

asistir a

to attend (sth. a function)

asomar a

to appear at, look out from (sth.)

aspirar a

to aspire to (be sth.,s.o., do sth.)

aventurarse a

to dare to (do sth.)

ayudar a

to help to (do sth.), to aid in (doing sth.)

burlar a

to deceive, play a trick on (s.o.)

comenzar a

to begin to (do sth.)

comprometerse a

to make a commitment to (do sth.)

condenar a

to condemn to (do sth.)

consagrarse a

to devote oneself to (s.o., sth.)

contribuir a

to contribute to (sth., doing sth.)

convidar a

to invite to (a function, do sth.)

correr a

to run to (somewhere, do sth.)

cuidar a

to car for, take care of (a person)

dar a

to face (sth.)

dar cuerda a

to wind (a watch)

decidirse a

to decide to (do sth.)

dirigirse a

to go to (a place); to address (s.o.); to direct oneself to (doing sth.)

disponerse a

to prepare to, be disposed to (do sth.)

empezar a

to begin to (do sth.)

enseñar a

to teach to (do sth.)

forzar a

to force to (do sth.)

impulsar a

to impel to (do sth.)

incitar a

to incite to (do sth.)

inducir a

to induce to (do sth.)

inspirar a

to inspire to (do sth.)

instar a

to urge to (do sth.)

invitar a

to invite to (a function, sth., do sth.)

ir a

to go to (a place); to be going to (do sth.)

limitarse a

to limit oneself to (do sth.)

llegar a

to arrive a (a place); to be going to (do sth.)

meterse a

to take up (doing sth.)

montar a

to ride (sth.--a horse)

negarse a

to refuse to (do sth.)

obligar a

to oblige to (do sth.)

ofrecerse a

to offer to, promise to, volunteer to (do sth.)

oler a

to smell like (sth.)

oponerse a

to oppose, be in opposition to (sth., doing sth.)

pararse a

to stop (to do sth.)

parecerse a

to resemble (s.o., sth.) physically

pasar a

to pass to, proceed to (sth., doing sth.)

persuadir a

to persuade to (do sth.)

ponerse a

to bein to, set out to (do sth.)

prestarse a

to lend oneself to (doing sth.)

probar a

to try to, attempt to (do sth.)

quedarse a

to stay to, remain to (do sth.)

rebajarse a

to stoop to (s.o., a situation, doing sth.)

reducirse a

to reduce (a situation or oneself) to (sth., do sth.)

rehusar a

to refuse to (do sth.)

renunciar a

to renounce, give up, quit (sth., a job)

resignarse a

to resign oneself to (sth., doing sth.)

resistirse a

to resist (sth., doing sth.)

resolverse a

to make up one's mind to, resolve to (do sth.)

retirarse a

to retire to (a place, do sth.)

romper a

to start suddenly to (do sth.)

saber a

to taste like (sth.)

sentarse a

to sit down to (sth., do sth.)

someterse a

to submit oneself to (sth., doing sth.)

sonar a

to sound like (sth.)

subir a

to go up to, climb, get on (sth.)

venir a

to come to (a place, do sth.)

volver a

to return to (a place); to (do sth.) again

aburrirse con

to be or get bored with (s.o., sth.)

acabar con

to finish with / off, get rid of (sth., s.o.)

amenazar con

to threaten with (sth., doing sth.)

asociarse con

to associate with, team up with (so.)

asustarse con

to be afraid of, be frightened by (so., sth.)

bastar con

(3rd-person) to be sufficient, have enough of (sth., doing sth.)

casarse con

to marry (so.)

comerciar con

to trade in / with (a person, a business)

conformarse con

conform to, resign oneself to, make do (sth., doing sth.)

contar con

to count on (so., sth.)

dar con

to come upon (so., sth.)

disfrutar con

to enjoy (so., sth.)

divertirse con

to enjoy, have fun / a good time with (so., sth.)

encontrarse con

to meet up with, run into (so.)

enfadarse con

to get angray at / with (so., sth.)

enojarse con

to get angry at / with (so., sth.)

equivocarse con

to make a mistake about, be mistaken about (so., sth.)

espantarse con

to become afraid (so., sth.)

juntarse con

to associate with, join (forces) with (so.)

limpiar con

to clean (sth.) with (so.)

llenar con

to fill (sth.) with (sth.)

meterse con

to bother, pick a fight with (so., sth)

preocuparse con

to worry about (so., sth.)

recrearse con

to amuse onese with (sth.)

romper con

to break up with, break off relations with (so.)

salir con

to go out with, date (so.)

soñar con

to dream of / about (so., sth., doing sth.)

tratar(se) con

to associate with, have dealings with (so., sth.)

tropezarse con

to bump into (sth., so.), stumble over (sth.)

aburrirse de

to be bored by / with (so., sth., doing sth.)

abusar de

to take advantage of, impose upon, abuse (so., sth.)

acabar de

to have just (done sth.)

acordarse de

to remember (so., sth., to do sth.)

alegrarse de

to be glad of / about (sth.), to be happy to

alejarse de

to go / get away from (so., sth., somewhere)

arrepentirse de

to repent, be sorry for (sth., doing sth.)

avergonzarse de

to be ashamed of (so., sth.)

asombrarse de

to be astonished at (sth.)

brindar a la salud de

to toast (so.)

burlarse de

to make fun of (so., sth.)

cansarse de

to be / get tired of (so., sth., doing sth.)

carecer de

to lack (sth.)

cesar de

to cease

conseguir (algo) de

to obtain / get (sth.) from (so., sth.)

cuidar de

to care for, take care of (sth.)

deber de

to suppose [conjecture], "must be" (so., sth.)

depender de

to depend on (so., sth., doing sth.)

encargarse de

to take charge of (so., sth., doing sth.)

estar encargado de

to be in charge of (so., sth., doing sth.)

gozar de

to enjoy (sth.)

haber de

to suppose [conjecture] to (be or do sth.)

hablar de

to talk of / about, speak of (so., sth., doing sth.)

jactarse de

to brag about, boast of (sth., doing sth.)

librarse de

to get rid of (so., sth.)

llenar(se) de

to fill (up) with (sth.)

maldecir de

to speak ill of (sth.)

maravillarse de

to marvel at (so., sth.)

marcharse de

to leave, walk away from (a place)

morir de

to die [literally] of / from (an illness, a situation)

morirse de

to be dying [figuratively] for / of (sth.)

ocuparse de

to concern oneself with, pay attention to, deal with (so., sth., doing sth.)

olvidarse de

to forget (so., sth., to do sth.)

parar de

to cease, stop (doing sth.)

pensar de

to think of, have an opinion about (so., sth.)

preciarse de

to brag about, boast of, pride oneself on (sth., doing sth.)

prescindir de

to do without, neglect (so., sth., doing sth.)

probar de

to sample, take a taste of (sth.)

quejarse de

to complain of / about

salir de

to leave, go away from (a place)

separarse de

to leave, part company with (so., sth. a place)

servir de

to act as, serve as, be useful for (so., sth.)

soprenderse de

to be surprised at, be amazed at (sth.)

terminar de

to finish (doing sth.)

tratar de

to try to (do sth.)

tratarse de

to be a question of (sth., doing sth.)

abdicar en

to abdicate (the throne, etc.) to (so.)

complacerse en

to take pleasure in (sth., doing sth.)

confiar en

to trust, confide in (so., a situation, doing sth.)

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