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  1. François achète cette chemise-là.
  2. interrogative adjectives
  3. quelle
  4. ces
  5. préférer
  1. a what, which: masculine plural
  2. b plural masculine & feminine
  3. c Francois is buying that shirt (over there).
  4. d what? which?
  5. e to prefer

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  1. I put my books on the table.
  2. this, that: singular masculine
  3. this, that: singular masculine (before a vowel or vowel sound)
  4. to bring (things)
  5. to buy

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  1. Philippe achète cette chemise-ci.Philippe is buying this shirt (over here).


  2. amenerto bring (a person)


  3. stem-changing é₋er verbs like acheter, e+consonant+erthe endings: ète, ètes, ète, ons, ez, ètent


  4. quelwhat, which: feminine singular


  5. stem-changing é₋er verbs like préférer, é+consonant+erthe endings: ère, ères, ère, ons, ez, èrent