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  1. quel
  2. interrogative adjectives
  3. Quelles affiches est-ce que tu préfères?
  4. mettre
  5. espérer
  1. a what, which: masculine, singular
  2. b to put, place: mets, mets, met, mettons, mettez, mettent
  3. c what? which?
  4. d to hope
  5. e What posters do you like?

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  1. to bring (things)
  2. to prefer
  3. Well!
  4. what, which: feminine singular
  5. the endings: ère, ères, ère, ons, ez, èrent

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  1. acheterto bring (a person)


  2. amenerto bring (a person)


  3. cettethis, that: singular feminine


  4. quellesWhat, which: feminine plural


  5. demonstrative adjectiveswhat? which?


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