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Internal Parasites[medium]

Scrape them off with a sharp edged tool or sandpaper (you can also wash them with insecticide in warm water to cause hatching & death), clipping
How can you remove bot eggs?
The immature, worm like form into which certain insects hatch from the egg
Define Larvae
Life cycle
What cycle must be broken to prevent infestation of a horse with internal parasites?
Because they differ in their effectiveness
Why is it necessary to know which deworming agent is effective against specific parasites?
Pinworms, lice, ticks, or mites
When a horse rubs his rump against posts or other objects, what parasite would you suspect?
Two years of age
Internal parasites are particularly harmful to foals & colts up to what age?
Young horses
Generally speaking, what age horses are ascarid & pinworm infestation restricted to?
What is the most common form of antiparasitic compounds for horses?
All ages
What age horses are affected by strangles & bots?
Their range was much larger - they didn't graze in the same place for long period of time, thus the chance for reinfestation was low
Why are wild horses seldom bothered by massive internal parasites infestation?
To reduce the contamination of the of the environment with eggs OR To interrupt the parasite's life cycle
What is the objective of any worming program?
Ascarid larvae or worms
What is the most common cause attributed to coughing, pot bellies & rough haircoats in young foals?
In the mouth
Where on the horse do bot eggs hatch?
Exposes them to the sun
How does dragging pastures kill intestinal parasites?