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What is the Quadratic Equation (in Vertex Form)?
when would radicals be simplified?
If no radical has a perfect square factor other than 1
What is a vertex?
The lowest or highest point of the parabola
What is the Axis/Line of Symmetry?
A line that divides the parabola into mirror images and passes through the vertex
What is the vertex of a parabola?
Using y=a(x-h)²+k , if a<0, does the quadratic have a maximum or minimum value?
Using y=a(x-h)²+k , if a>0, does the quadratic have a maximum or minimum value?
In the quadratic function, -2(x - 4)² + 8, would the axis of symmetry be 4 or -4?
Tell whether the following quadratic has a maximum or minimum value, then find that value. f(x) = -1/4(x - 102)^2 + 52
Maximum value of 52
When would the quadratic function be narrower than the parent function?
When a>1
When would the quadratic function be wider than the parent function?
When a<1
How do you recognize the minimum or maximum value in the formula: y=a(x-h)² +k
Look at the K value from the formula y=a(x-h)² +k
If a>0, the parabola opens ____.
if a<0 then the curve will face
If the "a" in a(x-h)^2+k is a positive number, will the quadratic have a minimum or maximum value?
A minimum number.
Which variable represents the minimum/maximum value?
What is a parabola?
A rounded line that curves around a vertex
By moving the "h" variable in vertex form, what is happening to the vertex?
The vertex is moved to either the left or the right.
In the Quadratic Equation, y=a(x-h)²+k, what two variables represent the vertex?
h and k
What is the shortcut for graphing called?
1-3-5 Graphing Shortcut
What kind of graph is it?
On what type of parabola would there be a maximum value?
A parabola that opens downward.