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Chapter 17

Which voices sing the original chorale tune in the first movement of Cantata No. 140?
The energetic instrumental idea that recurs several times between the vocal statements in the first movement of Cantata No. 140 is best described as:
J. S. Bach's church cantatas all contain solo arias, recitatives, and:
Which best describes the text setting on the word "rejoice" in Handel's aria from Messiah?
J. S. Bach's church cantatas are single movement works.
In the Lutheran tradition, the cantata was performed along with the Gospel reading, sermon, and prayers on:
Most Sundays of the church year.
The Baroque oratorio evolved out of events that took place during the Counter-Reformation.
What musical element changes in the second section of the aria "Rejoice greatly"?
For which church did Bach write his cantatas?
Bach spent the last several decades of his life working at St. Thomas's Church in:
For what religious occasion was the cantata written?
The end of the church year.
Which best describes the texture heard in the "Hallelujah Chorus" in Handel's Messiah?
Alternating between homorythmic and polyphonic textures.
Handel's career was solely based on positions held in Germany.
The name cantata is derived from the Italian cantare, to sing.
Many of Bach's cantatas are based on Protestant chorale or hymn tunes.
Johann Sebastian Bach had an international career.
Which is NOT true of a Baroque oratorio?
It utilized scenery, acting, and costumes, just as in the opera.
Lutheran chorale Wachet auf is in "bar form," which is best described as:
Which best describes the overall form of the aria "Rejoice greatly"?
da capo form.
Bach wrote in most Baroque genres, except chamber music.
The fourth movement of Bach's Cantata No. 140 features tenor section singing in unison.
Which of the following is an opera seria by Handel?
Julius Caesar.
Who wrote the chorale text and tune for Wachet auf (Sleepers Awake)?
Philipp Nicolai.
Who wrote the chorale text and tune for Wachet auf (Sleepers Awake)?
Both the old and the new testament.