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Which television program has used the Mouret Rondeau as a theme song?

Masterpiece Theatre.

The French love for staged entertainment contributed to the development of the orchestra.


Guarneri, Stradivarius, and Amati were all noted Baroque makers of which instruments?


Which best describes the tempo heard in the Alla hornpipe from Handel's Water Music?


Recently, Baroque ensembles have sought to perform Baroque music authentically, on Baroque-style instruments.


Which composer is known for his grand divertissements at the French court?


The Baroque dance inspired by the music of Germany is the:


Which of the following is NOT a standard dance of a Baroque suite?


A Baroque suite is usually a group of dances.


Water Music and Music for the Royal Fireworks are the best known suites by which composer?


Which best describes the form of Mouret's Rondeau?

Five part, or A-B-A-C-A.

Which instrument is NOT prominently featured in Mouret's Rondeau?


Which of the following genres is a group of dance movements, usually in the same key?


The second section of Alla hornpipe differs from the first in that:

The tonality changes and only the strings and the woodwinds play.

What is the structure of the Alla hornpipe from Handel's Water Music?


The Baroque dance inspired by the music of Spain is the:


Where was the Water Music performed on July 17, 1717?

For a royal party on the Thames river.

Mouret ended his life happily, enjoying an affluent lifestyle.


The strings of Baroque violin were made out of wrapped steel.


J. S. Bach and Handel were both masters on which instrument?


Handel's best-known orchestral suites are Water Music and Messiah.


Which instrument was not utilized in the first performance of Handel's Water Music on the Thames?


During the Baroque era, instrumental music became as important as vocal music for the first time in history.


Baroque trumpets were still "natural," meaning they:

They were without valves.

The Allegro movement from the Water Music Suite in D minor is in:

Ternary form.

Which of the following is NOT a movement of the Suite in D Major from Water Music?


The Baroque suite typically consisted of a group of dances in contrasting keys and tempos.


Which instrument family is NOT heard in the second section of the Alla hornpipe?


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