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what type of infection is neutralization best for?


what are the best neutralizing antibodies?

IgA and IgG

What three antibodies are capable of neutralization?

IgA, IgG and IgM.

A and M can cross link and aggregate

what is digeorge syndrome? what are these children particularly susceptible to?

children born without a thymus, are fcked if they come into contact with an intracellular pathogen.

What are two cytokines secreted by CTLs?

IFN-gamma (activates macrophages to be extra pissed and have more oxidative burst to kill pathogens they have ingested)

TNF-Beta (enhances phagocytic activity of macrophages.)

What can be used to treat people with chronic granulomatous disease?

IFN-gamma. These patients cannot kill ingested pathogens, so if you give them IFN-gamma, they can do it!

General functions of cytokines secreted by CTLs

to activate macrophages.
IFN-gamma makes them better at bursting to kill intracellular pathogens
TNF-beta makes them more phagocytic.

What are the 4 cytokines secreted by Th1 cells?


What cytokines, when secreted by APCs, cause Th0s to differentiate into Th1s?

IFN-gamma and IL-12

What is the function of IL-2? Who makes it?

Th1s make IL-2, and activated T cells (here it promotes differentiation and proliferation). It also stimulates prolif of NK cells.

What cytokine, made by APCs and Th1s, inhibits Th2 differentiation?


What isotypes do Th1 cells stimulate B cells to switch to?

IgG1 and IgG3 - IFN-Gamma
IgA - TNF-Beta

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