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Key Terms

Ctrl Alt Del

Windows Server 2003 required you to press these 3 keys immediately before logging on

Network Monitor Tool

tool you need to install to monitor the network


the protocol that was loaded by default when Windows Server 2003 was installed

the default subnet mask for any IP address starting with the numbers 192 through 223


NetWare and Windows command is used to test connectivity to TCP/IP hosts


a free open source operating system which is similar to UNIX


the DOS or Linux Utility that is used to partition a disk


the Linux command that could be used to determine the IP address, default gateway, and subnet mask of a NIC


the Linux command that could be used to determine the network path between two nodes


the file sharing service used to make the Linux server disk available to a Windows client

Read Write Execute

The 3 basic rights in the Linux file system permission structure are


the NetWare command used to determine the route to a remote host

Netware Directory Service

the NetWare service that allows pertinent network information to be stored in a distributed database


a document that describes the overall goals and requirements for a network


a snapshot of the performance statistics of the network or devices


a protocol designed for managing complex networks

Remote Desktop

a utility that displays the graphical user interface of a remote device

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