Chapter 21

25 terms by pshhxleah

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Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 opens with a four-note _______.


The second theme in a sonata-allegro movement is typically in a contrasting key.


Which is most likely the slow movement in the multi-movement cycle?


A short, repeated musical pattern is called a(n):


The middle section of a typical third movement in a sonata cycle is called:


Rondo form has a recurring idea, similar to the Baroque ritornello.


The multi-movement cycle of the Classical masters can be found in their:

Symphonies, concertos, and string quartets

The expansion of a melodic idea is known as thematic development.


The last section of sonata-allegro form that restates the themes is called:


The longest and most dramatic movement of the sonata-allegro form was generally the:


Music with no literary basis is referred to as:

absolute music

The scherzo is characterized by:

abrupt changes of mood

The chord at the end of the first movement in a sonata cycle is a dominant chord.


Which dance replaced the minuet and trio in the nineteenth-century symphony?


A motive is a combination of many themes.


Which genre would NOT normally be in multi-movement cycle?

song cycle

The first movement of a symphony is most likely in ________ form.


A sonata-allegro form is comprised of three main sections.


The simplest form of a rondo can be described as:


The second movement in a sonata cycle is generally in a quick tempo.


Which movement of the instrumental cycle is likely to be a dance?


An ostinato is a short, repeated musical pattern.


The middle section of the third movement in a sonata cycle is highly improvised.


The longest and most dramatic movement of the multi-movement cycle, represented in the symphony, string quartet, concerto and sonata, was generally the:


Improvisation is important in jazz music.


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