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  1. ligamentum arteriosum
  2. ventricles
  3. moderator band
  4. endocardium
  5. fossa ovalis
  1. a Chambers in the heart that pump blood away from the heart (we mammals have 2 of these).
  2. b The innermost layer of the heart; it is a single layer of squamous epithelium called 'endothelium" and is continuous with the lining of the blood vessels.
  3. c A small fibrous band that is a remnant of fetal circulation on the heart. It surrounds the SVC and the aorta.
  4. d The prominent trabeculae, a curved muscular bundle that runs from interventricular septum to the base of the anterior pupillary muscle. Carries the intrinsic conducting system of the heart.
  5. e After birth, what does the FORAMEN OVALE become?
    HINT: It closes.

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  1. Vessels that bring blood from the lungs into the left atrium.
  2. Which ventricle is thicker, the right or the left?
  3. Which arteries supply the blood to the heart itself?
  4. Muscles that make up the roughened wall of the right atrium.
  5. The layer of the pericardium that is a single layer of epithelium cells that lines both the internal surface of the fibrous pericardium and the outer surface of the heart?

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  1. chordae tendineaeFibers that attach papillary muscles to flaps of ventricles.


  2. cardiac veinsVeins, in general, that return blood used up by the heart itself to the right atrium of the heart.


  3. pericardial cavityWhat is the space between the layers of the serous pericardium?


  4. veinsWhich ventricle is thicker, the right or the left?


  5. serous pericardiumWhat is the name of the inner pericardium layer that is deep to the fibrous layer?