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  1. parietal layer
  2. pectinate muscles
  3. midline
  4. interatrial septum
  5. pulmonary semilunar valve
  1. a Three-cusped valve that guards the opening of the large artery where the pulmonary trunk rises.
  2. b Muscles that make up the roughened wall of the right atrium.
  3. c The internal surface of the fibrous pericardium that consists of the layer of the serous pericardium. This is one of the layers of the serous pericardium itself.
  4. d Internal partition that separates the two atria.
  5. e Where is 2/3 of the heart located to the left of?

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  1. Vein that brings blood back to the heart from the upper body.
  2. The fluid that is within the serous membranes and allows a friction free environment for the heart.
  3. Valve in the left ventricle that guard the aorta.
  4. Blood supply of the heart itself.
  5. The atrioventricular valve in the left ventricle with 2 flasks (cusps).

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  1. cardiac veinsVessels that bring blood from the lungs into the left atrium.


  2. epicardiumWhat is the name of the sac that covers the heart?


  3. inferior vena cavaVein that brings blood back to the heart from the upper body.


  4. veinsWhich ventricle is thicker, the right or the left?


  5. trabeculae carneaeValve between the atrium and ventricle,a lso known as the right atrio-ventricular valve, it has 3 flasks.


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