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Meiosis 1 & 2 Stages

Prophase 1
DNA coils into chromosomes, the nucleolus and nuclear envelope disappear, the mitotic spindle forms, and synapsis (crossing-over) occurs.
Metaphase 1
Tetrads line up randomly along the midline, spindle fibers attach to the centromere of each homologous chromosome.
Anaphase 1
Homologous chromosomes move to the opposite poles of the cell
Telophase 1
The chromosomes reach the opposite end of cell and cytokinesis begins
Prophase 2
Spindle fibers form and begin to move the chromosomes toward the midline of the dividing cell.
Metaphase 2
Chromosomes move to the midline of the dividing cell, facing opposite poles of the dividing cell
Anaphase 2
The chromatids seperate and move toward opposite poles of the cell.
Telophase 2
A nuclear membrane forms around the chromosomes in each of the 4 new cells.