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Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant Exam Practice Questions

Custom Roles allow you to provide specific abilities to a user or users.
What are custom roles?
creating, viewing/editing, deleting, and reporting of a specific Pardot feature or functionality
What are the main abilities of custom roles?
1. During the import process
2. Directly from the user record
What are 2 ways to define a user's role?
Security limits are used to limit
-Max number of emails the person can send
-Max number of prospects the person can export
-Max number of records someone can import
what are user role security limits?
A CNAME gives visitors a seamless transition when traveling between pages and forms that you host and Pardot-hosted campaign elements such as landing pages and search results. The Alias is also used for any individually tracked links sent out in emails to your prospects.
What is a CNAME?
An Express Export includes all default prospect fields, scores and grades but does not include custom fields.
What is an express export?
Full Exports include all default prospect fields, scores, grades, and custom fields.
What is a full export?
A Soft Bounce is an email that is recognized by the recipient's mail server but is returned to the sender because the recipient's mailbox is full or the mail server is temporarily unavailable. A soft bounce message may be deliverable at another time or may be forwarded manually by the network administrator in charge of redirecting mail on the recipient's domain.
What is a soft bounce?
A Hard Bounce is an email that permanently bounced back to the sender because the address is invalid. A hard bounce might occur because the domain name doesn't exist or because the recipient is unknown. Some mail servers may hard bounce an email address if the message received is suspected as spam.
What is a hard bounce?
In business-to-business marketing, anything below 10% is considered a good bounce rate.
What is a good bounce rate?
A bounce message (or code) is a reply from the receiving mail server describing why the email was not delivered.
What do bounce codes mean?
anything starting with http://, https:// or a variable tag like %%unsubscribe%%
Which links get tracked in a Pardot email?
A person that has been tracked using the Pardot tracking code but does not have an email address.
What is a visitor?
Through a form or form handler.
How are visitors converted to prospects?
Form handlers allow you to use your own form but post the data to Pardot
What are form handlers?
Pardot's custom redirects allow you to track any link on your website or a third party site (for example, a link your Twitter page, a banner ad on a third party site, etc.).
What is a custom redirect?
- banner ads
- social sharing
- links to files that you don't host
When should you use custom redirects?
30 minutes after the prospect has clicked on the custom redirect.
When do custom redirects occur?
- forms
-form handlers
- files
- custom redirects
- emails
- page actions
What activities are completion actions available for?
FALSE: Completion actions are not retroactive and will only apply to activities moving forward once you add them.
Completion actions are retroactive?
TRUE: except for adjust score and send autoresponder email.
Completion actions execute every time the action is completed?
TRUE: Completetion actions only run on prospects.
Completion actions only affect prospects not visitors?
TRUE: Completion actions will not execute for image files.
Completion actions will not execute on images?
TRUE: Completion actions will not execute for filtered activities.
Completion actions will not execute for filtered activities?
Automation rules allow you to perform certain marketing and sales actions based on criteria that you specify.
What are automation rules?
No. Once a prospect matches an automation rule, all of the actions that are defined at that time in the rule are applied to that prospect and it is flagged as matching. If you add new actions later, they will not be applied to prospects who have already matched. If you add new criteria to the rule, the rule will not "unapply" actions to prospects who no longer match.
If changes are made to a automation rule, will new criteria and actions apply to already matched prospects?
No. An automation rule will only affect a prospect one time, and rules will never "un-match" prospects if they no longer meet a rule's criteria.
Will an automation rule ever match a prospect more than once?
Sort of. When automation rules are created, or an existing rule's criteria is edited, and the rule is unpaused, the rule will search through all prospects in your account to find matches. In this way, rules are retroactive — a prospect could have begun meeting the criteria last week, but if the automation rule is created today the rule will still find them and match them. If you edit criteria, it will not retroactively unmatch prospects.
Are automation rules retroactive?
-Standard Edition accounts can have up to 50 active automation rules running at any time.
- Pro Edition accounts can have up to 100 active automation rules
-Ultimate Edition accounts can have up to 150 active automation rules.
How many automation rules can you have in an account?
Change prospect field value: 'Do Not Email' to 'Do Not Email
How do you use an automation rule to opt out prospects?
Automation rules will not reassign prospects who already have an owner, even if they meet the criteria for the rule. Assigning actions will assign "Reviewed" prospects.
Will an automation rule change a prospect's owner?
- create a text version
- avoid spammy words in the email copy
- Check image to text ratio
- Add domain keys and SPF
How can you ensure your email doesn't get stuck in spam?
No Pardot automatically marks prospects who opt-out, hard bounce once, or soft bounce 5 times as unmailable so they no longer receive emails sent from Pardot.
Do hard bounces need to be removed from lists?
If you want to use a Pardot Form to perform repeated manual registration on behalf of prospects (e.g. signing many people up on the same computer at a tradeshow booth, or having one person manually enter many prospects via a form).
When should you use Kiosk Mode for forms?
To always show the form when someone returns to the page... even if he or she returns soon after they first submit the form.
Why should you set a form to Always Display?
No — you can only have one CRM connector at a time in Pardot. If you have an existing CRM connector, you'll need to delete it before you can add a different connector.
Can you tie multiple Salesforce accounts to one Pardot account?
The client has a visitor filter set up to filter activities from their IP address. Completion actions do
not occur on filtered visitors.
A client submits their Pardot form to test the form's completion actions. After they submit the form,
none of the completion actions are applied to their prospect record. What explanation do you give as to why the actions did not occur?
Implement a blended lead scoring and grading system.
Your client is looking for a way to increase the quality of leads that are being passed from marketing
to sales. What advice do you offer?
The administrator needs to make sure he has mapped his lead fields to contact fields in Salesforce
Jim, a sales manager, just converted a lead to a contact in Salesforce, but none of the lead's Pardot information (score/grade) transferred over. How do you address this issue?
Through automation rules, scoring model changes and through completion actions
How can a prospect's score be changed?
You will need to manually append tracking parameters to all ads in Adwords for Pardot to track them.
What will happen if you don't enable any settings in the Adwords connector?
To quickly jump into the Data.com results for a prospect or their company.
What does the Data.com connector allow you to do?
Pardot does not pre-check Revenue or Employees. This is up to the user to check these fields.
What are some data points not pre-checked in the Data.com connector?
Filters allow you to exclude certain types of visits, clicks, or other actions from your campaign results and email notifications.
What are filters?
TRUE: However, it's important to remember that the filter will only work on new visitors.
Once a filter is set up it immediately goes into effect
Creating or marking an opportunity as lost will result in the change of a prospect's score
FALSE: Any time an opportunity is linked to a prospect, Pardot records an opportunity activity in the prospect's activity record.
You must manually link a Pardot prospect to an opportunity.
To have opportunity syncing turned off for your Pardot account, you must contact the Pardot support team
Pardot will move the opportunity into the Recycling bin.
What happens to the opportunity in Pardot if it's deleted from your CRM?
FALSE: Opportunities in the recycle bin won't appear in your Opportunity Report.
Opportunities in the recycle bin will appear in your Opportunity Report?
FALSE: You can contact Pardot Solutions to enable this integration for your account.
Pardot can't integrate with Person Account record types.
TRUE: even unassigned prospects will sync, but will not create new records in Salesforce if none already exists with the same email address.
Importing prospects into Pardot will cause them to sync with Salesforce after import.
every 2 minutes.
How often does Pardot check for changes in Salesforce?
You must have either an existing CRM record that has a matching email address OR the prospect must be assigned in Pardot.
What causes a prospect records to sync from Pardot to the CRM
TRUE: unless you're using Active Assignment Rules in Salesforce, the Prospect must be assigned to a user in Pardot in order to create a new record in Salesforce.
If a prospect exists in Pardot with an assigned user, but a record with a matching email address can't be found in your CRM, Pardot will create a new record in your CRM.
Administration > Connectors > CRM Connector > Sync Queue
Where can you go to view the CRM sync queue?
- Form submission
- Form handler submission
- Landing page submission
- Unsubscribing form emails
What prospect activities will sync with your CRM?
- Import of prospects
- Any prospect field changes-including opting out prospects (via import or manually)
- Campaign changes
- Changes to assigned user
- Clicking the "synchronize with CRM" link on any prospect record will cause the prospect to immediately sync (effectively "jumping queue")
What user actions will cause a prospect to sync to your CRM?
- Receiving or opening an email (unless this action is set to adjust prospect score).
- Page views (unless this action is set to adjust prospect score).
- Visitor sessions.
- Prospect Account updates (these updates sync as part of a separate process).
- Creating and/or mapping new custom fields.
- Changes to formula fields in your CRM.
What does not cause a prospect record to sync between Pardot and your CRM?
Updating assigned user (owner) for the lead or contact record
What causes a sync from the CRM to Pardot?
FALSE: Lead or contact records must have a valid email address at the time they are created in salesforce.
Leads with invalid email addresses in Salesforce will sync to Pardot
TRUE: You can set up campaigns similarly in both systems, but all prospects in a Salesforce campaign are not automatically added to a Pardot campaign and vice versa.
Salesforce campaigns do not have a one-to-one relationship with Pardot campaigns.
You can create Salesforce campaigns in Pardot
When setting up your rule, drip or completion action.
Where will you see the action criteria to Add to Salesforce campaign?
Yes, but they won't be accessible to automation rules, segmentation rules, completion actions and drip programs.
Will inactive Salesforce campaigns sync with Pardot?
Engagement Reporting and Email Client Reporting
What report will offer you insight into how your recipients read your emails or what devices or browsers they use to view them?
in the Email Rendering Preview (Marketing > Emails > Email Tests)
Where can you view screenshots of your email creative as it looks accross all major email clients, browsers and mobile devices?
the Click-through Rate report
What report allows you to view a link performance visually?
Engagement & Activity Reporting
What report allows you to view data on how your recipients engage with your email?
Email Client Reporting
What report allows you to capture and track email client usage for emails opened across your mailing lists in Pardot?
Prospect Lifecycle report. This report shows how a particular prospect moved through the sales lifecycle and which prospect-initiated activities changed their activity score.
What report gives you insight into a prospect's score at each stage of their lifecycle?
The Conversions Report
What report allows you to see how many net new prospects your site is generating and how many visitors are turning into prospects.
- if the deleted prospect is imported into Pardot with the same email address
- If the deleted prospect re-converts by filling out a form with the same email address
- if the deleted prospect clicks a custom redirect
- if a deleted prospect downloads a non image file
- if the deleted prospect has an associated record in the CRM.
What will undelete a prospect?
FALSE: You can send a prospect email through drip programs or automation rules.
You can send a prospect email by using Completion Actions
TRUE: You can add a prospect to a list using an automation rule, segmentation, competition actions or drip programs
You can add a prospect to a list by using an automation rule?
- A conversion is when an anonymous visitor successfully fills out the form or completes the landing page and thus "converts" into a prospect, in other words a visitor with a known email address.

- A submission is when the form or landing page has been successfully completed. This submission could be by an existing prospect or an anonymous visitor (who will then "convert" to a prospect upon completion).
What is the difference between a submission and a conversion?
Form Reports
What report allows you to see how successful or active a form has been on your site?
- Total views
- total submissions
- submission rate
- total errors
- error rate
What are some metrics the form reports will include?
- Register prospects for GoToWebinar events
- Display registrations and attendance as activities
- report on registrations and attendance
- automatically pull in prospects who exist in GoToWebinar but not Pardot.
What can the GoToWebinar do?
When prospects register via a Pardot form, they will still receive GoToWebinar's reminder and registration emails.
TRUE: When creating a Pardot form to register a prospect for a webinar, you must, at a minimum, include these three required fields to successfully register the prospect for a webinar.
Email, First Name, and Last Name are required fields in order for GoToWebinar to register a new user to an event.
If a field in Pardot contains a value "ABC" and the CRM field is blank, the "ABC" field value in Pardot will "win" and will overwrite the data for the corresponding field in your CRM.
Custom fields that are created in Salesforce can take up to 4 hours to sync down to Pardot.
limit max number of emails the person can send, the max number of prospects the person can export and the max number of records someone can import.
What do user role security limits allow you to do?
If an email is sent to a known prospect (prospect A), and the prospect then forwards that email to someone else (prospect B) and that person clicks on a tracked link, prospect B will see prospect's A's information pre-populated in the form.
Why might a form be pre-populated with someone else's information?
Yes, but only if the Pardot completion action for the custom redirect is set to change the campaign.
If a prospect clicks on a custom redirect after filling out a form, will the prospects assigned Pardot campaign change?
- Manually
- Completion Actions
How can a Prospects score be changed?
Navigate to the Prospect List and select "Mailable Prospects"
How can an Administrator find the number of mailable prospects in their database?
- The Prospects column shows all prospects created with that campaign within the last
- The Assigned Prospects column shows all prospects with that campaign who were assigned within the last month.
What can you see when viewing a Pardot campaign report filtered by the last month?
Use page actions.
How can an action be applied to a prospect who views a specific page of a website?
No. An automation rule will only affect a prospect one time, and rules will never "un-match" prospects if they no longer meet a rule's criteria.
Does an automation rule ever match a prospect more than once?
In the event that you need to erase a value from a Pardot field, you can use Pardot automation rules to clear values for fields and prevent Pardot data from syncing to your CRM
FALSE: Sales users have the simplest interface view and only have access to prospect management functionality. Sales users may send individual emails to prospects, but cannot edit them or send emails to lists.
Sales users can edit emails within Pardot
- prospect management
- creating new lists, forms, landing pages and send list emails.
- can only import prospects
- can see users and groups
What does a marketing user have access to in Pardot?
FALSE: A marketing user can create lists but are unable to export them.
a marketing user in Pardot can export data lists
A "pause" is required between drip emails. If you remove a prospect from a drip and later add them back to the list, they will resume the drip where they left off (instead of starting over again).
What happens if a prospect is removed from a drip program and later added back?
Prospects can be continually added to a drip program, regardless of what step the other prospects have reached. Every time a new prospect is added to the drip program's recipient list, they will start at the beginning of the drip.
How often can prospects be added to a drip?
Prospects within each phase of the drip program will only populate once the phase is complete. There is not an option to see prospects "processing" through the phase.
Where can you see how many prospects have completed a certain step in a drip?
Once you unpause a drip program, it should start sending emails within an hour.
How longs does it take a drip program to start after unpausing it?
- WebEx
- ReadyTalk
- GoToWebinar
What are 3 webinar connectors Pardot offers?