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Chapter 23

The first movement of a Classical symphony was often composed in a sonata-allegro form and might have included a slow introduction.
the Fifth Symphony opens and closes in the key of C minor
The Classical-era orchestra is typically composed of:
forty to fifty players
Generally a scherzo is slower paced than a minuet and trio.
There is no break between the second and third movements of the Fifth Symphony because they are linked by a transition.
The various movements of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony are unified by the opening motive.
The heart of the Classical orchestra was the:
the string section
From which earlier genre did the symphony evolve?
the italian opera overture
Which of Beethoven's symphonies sets the famous Ode to Joy poem by Schiller?
No. 9
Which does NOT characterize the opening theme statement in the second movement of Haydn's Military Symphony?
dramatic minor key themes, played fortissimo
The movement of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony that makes the most extensive use of variation procedure is:
the second
Which composer sometimes wrote monothematic sonata-allegro movements?
Which is NOT a trait associated with Haydn's symphonies?
traditional unimaginative modulations
Which malady afflicted Beethoven and profoundly affected his work as a composer?
How many symphonies did Beethoven write?
The meter heard throughout the second movement of Haydn's Symphonys No. 100 is triple.
The meter heard throughout the second movement of Haydn's Symphonys No. 100 is triple.
it is in minuet and trio form
The Classical symphony typically featured some woodwind and brass instruments along with strings.
Beethoven's Fifth Symphony generally follows the outline of the standard multimovement cycle.
The fourth movement of symphonies was often a bit slower and brooding in tone, like the second movement.
Percussion are absent from the second movement of Haydn's Symphony's No. 100.
Which of the following is a contribution to the symphony from the Mannheim school of composers?
the use of "steamroller" crescendo and the "rocket theme"
Which is NOT a new element introduced by Beethoven in this symphony?
a development section following the expostion
Theme and variations was a typical form for the second movement of a symphony.
The composer of the London symphonies was
joseph haydn