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The cadenza in the first movement of the concerto is heard:

at the close of the recapulation

Which statement best describes the mood and tempo of the first movement of Mozart's Piano Concerto in G major, K. 453?

graceful melodies, played allegro

The virtuoso pianist Maria Anna Mozart was the ______ of the composer.


A brilliant solo passage in the manner of an improvisation within a concerto is called a(n):


Which tempo scheme is standard for the movements of a concerto?

fast slow fast

Of the three movements of the piano concerto, which typically does not contain a cadenza?

the second

Mozart only wrote concertos for the piano for which he, himself, was soloist.


The first movement of Mozart's Piano Concerto in G major opens with:

an orchestra ritornello

When the piano is first heard in the opening concerto movement, it plays the first theme:

in a more decorative version

Mozart wrote many of his piano concertos to showcase his own performance skills.


Who was the talented blind pianist and organist for whom both Mozart and Salieri wrote concertos?

Maria Theresia von Paradis

The favored solo instrument in the Classical concerto was:

the piano

Who was the gifted piano student for whom Mozart wrote his Piano Concerto in G major, K. 453?

Barbara von ployer

How many movements are standard in a Classical concerto?


Which of the following best describes first-movement concerto form?

sonata-allegro form with double exposition

Which Classical-era composer did much to promote the music careers of his female students?


In a cadenza during a concerto from the Classical period, the orchestra improvises freely.


First-movement concerto form is based on principles from Baroque ritornello and the sonata-allegro forms.


The Classical concerto has three movements.


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